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Old vs. New

It’s so hard when you’ve grown up with the styles of a star or designer and the newer version tries to make it better.  I think Ann Roth did an admirable job on Sabrina, but how could you overcome the Givenchy-Head combo for Sabrina wtih Audrey Hepburn wearing the styles.


The casual shot is way and above better in the original.  I’m not much on the remake’s casual look here.


This is probably the closest contest.  Audrey in her Givenchy and  Ormond in her Ann Roth.


This was a good attempt, but let’s be honest, how do you beat one of the great dresses of all time moviedom.


And then there was nothing in the remake to compete with this fabulous gem.

Another remake that was hard to overcome was Thomas Crown Affair.


The ’68 version is almost dolled up.  At the time it was the penultimate, but when I look at it today it’s almost forced.  Trying to look too “in control”  for this character who is a woman, hotshot insurance investigator.  Course this was a time when women in any sort of leadership position were almost unheard of so this stands to reason that the costumes would be forced.  Rene’s on the other hand in the 1999 version is totally believable and for me it was the first time in almost a decade I had seen beautiful clothes – professional clothes that worked and were very current.


Both of these were Catherine Banning’s professional day look and both look professional, although I swear if you wore Dunaway’s outfit today, folks would think you were part of the luncheon bunch!!!


There is just one outfit after another in her ensemble for the movie – obviously the Banning of 1968 was a clothes horse!!!


While the Banning of 1999 dressed well, it was all totally understated so as if to say, “I’m so rich that I don’t need to look showy.”  I love that look.


The dress on the left was sooooo hot at the time, and soooooooooo impractical.  While the one on the right actually is somewhat classic.

There were a lot of classic looks and styles that came out of the late 60’s, but they were hard to find with a lot of the more flashier stuff.

Same holds true today.  Some of our styles that look flashy and really grab us, are fast to pass, while those boring styles last and last and last.



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