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Taylor and Burton

When I was a yung’un, these folks were the epitome of style, and beyond cool.  There’s a new movie (from BBC4) coming out and with that comes all the styles and fashion of Liz.  Her sense of style was really great, as I go back memory lane.

There’s an exhibit of rare Taylor/Burton photos coming up and here’s a tease from that.

Two of the dresses they copied exactly for the film were from Private Lives:

Then another was from her 50th Birthday

But for me some of her regular day wear was just as exotic as these spectacular gowns


Liz was all about caftans and she was so stylish in them and made them stylish.

But back to her street style

Granted most of these were from the 60’s, but that’s when Liz & Dick were so much in the public eye.

Here’s a tease for the BBC special coming up – wish we could get it in the US!!!

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