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Why are we not surprised

After reading Elizabeth Cline’s book on cheap fashion:

She goes into great detail about some interesting side facts of how clothes are produced in Asia, and more specifically China.  They are so anxious and want the total clothing process from beginning to end, that they make the price so alluring, it’s hard to turn down.  The fabric is less quality, the workmanship is less quality, the notions, threads, zippers, etc., are less quality, all so they can big the job out at unreasonably low prices just to get the work.  The result is a product that is so cheaply and shoddily made that not only does it not last in the first user’s closet, but it becomes a clog in the recycling/disposal part of the life of the garment.  IOW, it’s so poorly made that no one wants it second-hand.

So it’s no surprise that China has no homegrown quality products, not only in clothing, but in other industries as well.

This article makes a very interesting read.

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