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Why take a sewing class

I think we all know Mood Fabrics as the source of fabrics for Project Runway and for those of us who have been there it’s really a WONDERFUL place!!!  But a blogger friend who has been writing for a long time is now working at Mood (lucky devil) and came up with these wonderful reasons of why take a class.

  1. When you learn in person from a respected teacher it sinks in more and sticks in your brain
  2. You have the opportunity to ask one-on-one questions of the instructor, so you get personalized advice
  3. You can learn from experts about specific topics, such as lingerie, swimwear or lace
  4. Seeing a demo in real life beats watching a video tutorial any day
  5. Instructors bring samples with them, which you can examine up close
  6. Sometimes instructors will go off-topic, but in such a way that you ending learning even more than you anticipated
  7. Other students will often share tips and insights that you can borrow
  8. A good instructor will inspire you and encourage you in ways that you can’t glean from a book or video
  9. Taking a class is a great way to meet fellow sew-aholics and fabric junkies
  10. People who take classes from experienced instructors are better sewers (Ok, we don’t have any statistical proof for this one but we’re confident it’s true.)

Of course she also had a photo of another friend, Kenneth King who is now on the faculty at FIT, and is probably one of the most generous teachers I know.  Personally, I find that the most generous teachers are actually the most creative cause they have so many ideas in their head that they just are a font of information and inspiration because they just want to get them out and on to the other ideas running around in their head!!!

So schedule a class – it’s really worth it!!!



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