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Bragging Rights

I have lovely clients and am so lucky with this.  I won’t brag too long, but I do know how lucky I am.  I’ve said before it’s probably because by the time a girl comes to my door, she’s pretty confident about who she is and what she wants.  That makes my job so much easier.

But it’s also a lot of fun when I do something for one of my clients and she gets an additional honor.  I like to think it was all because of my dress for her – OK maybe it had a little to do with the girl if you wanna get technical!!!!  😉

So here’s one of my gem of a clients and winning an additional award.  Spring is the time of cherry blossoms in the nation’s capital, and there’s a contest, more like a PR vehicle for Japan and US involved with the festival in DC.  Candidates from all over the country from each state are selected and then a queen of the festival is chosen and she is honored, and gets to travel to Japan.  It’s a huge honor for the chosen girl, and of course she has to take her dress along with her.

Here are some photos from the latest Cherry Blossom Queen with her Japanese counterpart on her tour.

Here she is with the prime minister of Japan:

Now, I know my client here is absolutely gorgeous.  She just happens to be very sophisticated and very grounded, but you have to admit, that dress was what did it for her!!!!


This was a wonderful opportunity for her as she got to travel to Japan albeit a very short visit and went from one location to another one day after another, but like most faraway places, it was fabulous for her to have this experience and I know added to her life experience!

All because of my dress…..well, OK, I have to admit it….she had a lot to do with it too!!!!  (You know I’m joking as this was all due to her!)

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  1. That’s awesome! I can’t believe I’ve never gone down to the Cherry Blossom Festival. I will next time you dress a delegate 🙂

  2. Her gown is total elegant simplicity. You made her look like the queen she became, Claire. Beautiful work!

  3. Elegance personified!

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