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News roundup

A couple of interesting news article out that are worth noting…..

Socially Conscious Shoppers Shedding Fast Fashion

From Minneapolis:  How more and more shoppers are becoming “green” conscious.

Although you may not necessarily think of sewing as being green conscious, there are many aspects of it that are.  If you sew your clothes you most likely do not have a closet packed full of items that 1.) you never wear, 2.) look awful and most importantly 3.)can be recycled either by you or by a second-hand shop, therefore making the fabric and garment last even longer.  Additionally, one thing you are NOT doing is clogging up the recycling system with cheap, shoddy junk that just gets pushed along like some snow mobile shoving extra snow along side the road an already overloaded pile of snow on the side of the road.  I could make another analogy, but I like to keep this blog out of the sewers!!!

But this is a good article in that most of the folks interviewed with this article were enough well-rounded that it wasn’t just for one or two reason they were buying more green.  Reasons like tired of clothes falling apart, or lousy (at best) conditions for the workers and as much as saving money is a reason, so it expressing yourself creatively (which is why I started sewing – that and I couldn’t find what I wanted).  But what’s under this is the value folks are beginning to place on sewing.  It’s no longer thought of as a third-world occupation.  Because more and more folks are finally realizing that well-made clothing is much more of a bargain than anything that they could buy, there is a rise in the number of people sewing and products that make that sewing possible.

Can Sewing Change Your Body Image?

OMG – can we tawk!!!  This article completely blew me away cause it hit two major hot buttons of mine……weight/body image and dressing for your size/shape/style.  One of the things that we may forget or that newcomers may not realize is the freedom of choice we have.  Sure we go pick out fabric and a pattern, but it’s more than that.

Say you have raised 3 great kids….they are off working, but all their friends are getting married….you’ve had a combo carpool and PTA and whatever-is-left-out-of-the-family-budget wardrobe, and now suddenly you need something to wear to the big downtown church, reception and the rehearsal dinner the night before.

You go shopping, and find……uh……well……uh…….nothing!!!  Oh yeah, there’s stuff out there cause you saw it on Net-A-Porter for only $2500, or at Neiman’s site for $7000.  Yeah, it makes you look fabulous, but you’ll probably wear it a couple of times and at that price…..or you can get the outfit at the local department store that makes you look like your 80 y/o!!

So what do you do – if you sew, it’s easy….not only do you put together your own outfit, but your own look.  Not only will you look age appropriate, you’ll look fresh and hip.  Not only will you look like you’ve spent a mint on the outfit, but you probably will have saved a ton.  And finally, you can do something that you know you can wear again and again.  I mean how man positives can you get out of this?  It’s almost like a duh! moment except that most folks don’t think this way.

Preview hint:  I have a student who has just recently been in this predicament, and is off to the wedding today.  When she returns (with instructions to include copious pictures), you’ll get an up-close and personal description of her journey through the last 4 weeks of selecting something to wear to her son’s wedding.

Course the article above doesn’t necessarily deal with this, but it does talk about it in a round about way.  This article is about how you can sew for yourself and design clothes for you that work for you and your size now.  And then I like to include style of life and shape as well.  We ALL have figure problems, imagine being able to design something for yourself that functions, fits, and flatters all in one outfit!  For we sewists, and actually for anyone this is heaven in the closet department!

How to Loose a Friend Who Sews in 5 Easy Steps

This is a blog post that I just love.  This is one of the things I teach all my newbies, when asked if they will sew for others, my instruction is NO to start the conversation.  But this gal goes a little further, and I love her remarks, that please treasure our friendship and don’t put pressure on it where it doesn’t belong by making me feel guilty for saying no.

The truth is that the skill of sewing is still so undervalued (although it is changing), that folks just seem to think it takes you about 1 or 2 hours to whip up a new outfit.  What in the world are they smoking?!!!!!  There’s really no need to feel guilty about saying no because this is all a matter of education and really REALLY poor retailing for the last 30 years, so it’s no wonder they don’t realize what is entailed in the construction of a garment – – much less a good one.

Then here is another blog sewing couture…..

I love this little blog, because it reminds me of when I first started sewing, and the joy and heartache combined.  But it sounds like she’s like me in that she doesn’t want to give up, so she will eventually succeed.    It also reminds me how threatening, intimidating and foreign sewing is for so many folks.  Granted I grew up in a different time, and that answers a lot of the questions I have, but these kids today have never had or seen someone sew regularly.  That means they miss out on a whole lot of information about construction and assembling techniques, time and knowledge. Even just hanging around someone who sews is enough info to get a few basic skills done.

[private]And this provides me the perfect opportunity to ask you subscribers if there is anything in particular that you would like to know or if there is something that messes you up that you just can’t seem to get past.  Sometimes I go on and on here, but I never loose fact that some of you may be having different issues with different problems that either weren’t problems to me or were so old that I’ve forgotten what a bugaboo they were.  I would love to directly address these!!![/private]

So that’s the roundup lately – but beware….fall is coming and the new stuff is really excellent!





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