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Skyfall and the end of M….as we know her

I’ve REALLY enjoyed Dame Judi Dench as M character in the James Bond series and Skyfall unfortunately marks her end as the character.

What I think I’ve really enjoyed is how they dress here.  She is always dressed in authority but she has anything but a svelte figure (it’s a miracle she’s even in movies, because she ain’t even close to being thin!!!) But she is, and not only that she’s in a position of very high authority.  That means her clothes have to reflect that.  That’s why it’s so much fun to watch what she wears – gives all of us gobs of ideas about what we can do for ourselves.  And you don’t have to be the Dame’s height, weight or age to adopt these looks, you can do this for anyone who either is in a leadership position at work, volunteer, or you just need to look like you know what you’re talking about.  Clothes can do that for you.

So from Goldeneye to Skyfall – here’s a round up of her looks.

A lot of picture here, but look at the neat dark outfit, with the scarf tie around the neck.  I’m not for sure but it may look like a Windsor knot on that scarf.  The Windsor knot is a standard knot for a gentleman’s tie.  The secret to making this look good is that wrap that makes the knot – keep it smooth and clean and the rest falls in place. It’s very attractive in a fuller ladies scarf, and very, very appropriate for a work place look with a little oomph to it!

This is a tunic that comes down just above the skirt hem, with slits on the side – very classic and beautiful.  Worn here with a scarf around the neck, just slightly tucked in.

What…..M…..with cleavage…only when it’s done tastefully and this is.

And I found this photo from Skyfall (I think), and this has some very interesting features.  Dame Dench has some fine body points and some not so fine.  What I love about what she wears and is seen in is that she always works and wearing clothes that make her look at her best.  There are some folks who have high notoriety or fame who don’t care, but that’s not the case here.  This jacket is perfect for her in that it’s in a drapey fabric that is open and so that it drapes in front adding the idea of length.  And the jacket itself is at 3/4 length.  Dame Dench wears a lot of her jackets at 3/4 or 7/8 lengths which work great at lengthening her whole look in front, while her sleeves are a 3/4.

And from Skyfall, her no-nonsense professional look.  This looks like a great bouclè.  Features I notice here is that the waist is tapered a little above her natural waist, the jacket is open to the waist (giving a more lengthened look), collar framing face, and you don’t have to have this, but it’s a great look and finally her sleeves are well tapered at the forearm and wrist.

We sewists can do all these things and can use these elements of these designs to work garments to their most advantageous look for our own individual styles, shapes and sizes.

In the upcoming episodes of 007, M will be played by Ralph Fiennes, who is I’m sure going to be great, but I will miss the Dench M and her wardrobe!  She could keep pace with the best of the Saville Row-ed David Craig, and he is something to keep up with!

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