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Look What’s Happening on the Runway

I nearly had a conniption (that’s indigenous to the South), when I saw this collection.

Remember me talking about waist position?…..


This is Eden Miller’s collection for Fall 2013 – and what all the dresses have in common is that their waist line is positioned just a little higher than the natural waist.  This isn’t uncomfy and doesn’t have to be, but it is a necessity when you want to have a smooth line from the waist to the hip (without a muffin top) in front, back and sides.


Ya’ll (another indigenous phrase) this is not that hard to do – it’s just a matter of knowing it and then that reminds you to do it.  This is also a cool tool to use when you have a large bust, small waist and large hips – for a very curvy-hourglass figure.

Here’s another look, and an idea on blocking – with prints.   The skirt is so muted that it’s hardly see-able – it recedes into practically nothing…the cuffs and collar are the striking parts while the electric blue bodice is a little more projecting, it’s still blue which is still a receding color.

[private]Remember the receding and projecting colors from March…here‘s that download.   But below is another slide of it if this will help you.

What I love about this chart is that it shows the cool colors on one side and the warm colors on the other side.  See how most of the cool colors are receding and most of the warm colors are projecting?

This is why I included this in the April member info – this is absolutely one of the most valuable tools you can have when you are color or pattern blocking – and see how Miller used this in the dress above.  Orange practically jumps out at you – at the wrist and around the face – the most important part of the whole top.  The blue is electric and although we think of that as advancing because it’s so intense, using the chart above, it’s really not.  And  all the colors in the skirt, predominately black, are receding.  That’s how you do color blocking.[/private]

There’s a whole lot of really neat inspiration here – click the link above to see the collection slideshow, and more than anything else it shows how attractive and well-groomed you can look even with a little weight, with just a little attention to fitting.





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  1. I haven’t heard the word “conniption” since my New Orleans born Momma was alive. Thanks for that smile, Claire.

    These designs are fabulous and so so overdue. Thanks for putting them out there.

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