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Sloper or Block generator

Wow – this is really neat….remember last March on the Block Issue of the Newsletter (here‘s the link to the library in case you want to check it out again)?  This could be a real help in generating your own block.


Here’s how my block instructions came out

Now there are instructions too – but this just shows the progression of the block as you calculate your way through it.

Here‘s the back and here‘s the sleeve – what a fun resource to have!!!  Remember slopers do NOT have any ease – you will have to add your own.

[private]Here‘s the download link for a great ease chart.  This is a place to start and you may want to make your own adjustments according to how the garment feels on you and how it looks on you.[/private]

OK – have some fun with this.  It’s not very fancy interface, but it’s a great resource for starting your own sloper.  From this you can lay it under patterns to get a better pattern layout for your first muslin.  After you get your muslin together and fitted, then you can make adjustments on the pattern.  After you make these adjustments, THEN you have a working piece with ease that you can lay under patterns to guide you through the alterations you need to make to your pattern.

I can feel a video coming on!!!

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  1. I love these! I entered and printed the front and sleeve, but the link to the back sloper is not working for me?? Thanks! Kathy

    • Oops – I had one too many html’s in there….it’s working now – LMK if it doesn’t work out!

  2. Would LOVE to see a video on this!

  3. I love these too! I entered and printed the back and sleeve, but the link to the front sloper is not working for me.

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