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A little off topic – sorta!

I was messing around over on Goop (which is really interesting – wish she had a sewing part, but she’s got a fashion part and that’s good!), and found this interesting article.


The name is a little silly, this was her name as a kid, but the site is really very nice.  But I found it interesting that she wrote an article on this.  If there’s one thing this author knows is how to have her finger on the pulse of her generation, and it’s an interesting insight that she would have to write something like this.

It’s a good article and worth the read, and to be honest, she’s in an unusual predicament that not many of us have ever experienced even for a short time.  And her answer to a probably pretty frivolous or even worse, self-trapping question, was pretty good considering all the alternatives.

But here’s what I like about this blog.  She talks a lot about folks who are so entangled in their own lies that they can’t/don’t/won’t live normal lives.  What’s worse is that these people entangle themselves in other folks’ lives and this can really mess up a person.  She’s fairly diplomatic about it.  Some authors really hit you across the head with this stuff and really make a point.

One author I read started her book with, “What would it be like to never have to worry what another person thought of you?  What would it be like to never feel guilt?  How would you like to choose what, when, how to do something just the way you want, without worrying about what others thought or other ramifications of your actions, thoughts, deeds or words?”  And then she goes on to finish her book…..the point is that folks who live in lies live in a world of lies.  And even though I’d like to believe they will get their own, the truth is that unless the consequences are so dramatic, (traumatic psychologically, emotionally, fiscally, medically), that they probably won’t get it, and it in some cases the change is only temporary when they go back to their original behavior.

I miss the days when you felt uncomfy for telling a little white lie, and you didn’t assimilate very well, telling a lie that was anything bigger that a white lie.

For artists and sewists and creative types, it’s hard to lie and create.  One reason this isn’t a problem with so many sewists is that it’s hard to tap into your true feelings and create something and live in a lying world at the same time.

I’m thankful for that and thankful that I’m in a vocation filled with folks who love to create and this is their major purpose in life!  I’m thankful for my clients, my students, my followers and my subscribers who all want to make this a better world and prettier through their own creations!



  1. Having been entangled with a pathological liar I can attest personally to the destructive power these people wield, and you are right about the getting what’s coming to them part; they can twist anything and everything to fit their paradigm of “everybody else is responsible and I am innocent”. The weird thing was that I had another woman friend who was involved simultaneously with the same kind of person-and when we compared notes the lie pattern was virtually point-by-point IDENTICAL! Did you ever read “The Script”? It was like these two guys had an actual written script and were acting it out: the plot of which varied only in minor details! They both claimed to have been “war veterans” and to be “dying of cancer”, f’r instance! This guy would lie about absolutely ANYTHING, and at a moments’ notice: somebody walking by on the street, a story another person had told, how he acquired a scar, ANYTHING! By the time I was wise to the extent of his iniquity, if he had said ‘the sky is blue” I would have had my doubts! However he got at least some of what he deserved: he dumped me flat and took up with a twenty-one-year-old (he was in his forties) who had a ‘trust fund, married her, went through her money like a bush fire, and wound up being hauled off by the police for beating her while she was pregnant! I have no idea where it went after that, but I do know that twelve years later she was STILL terrified he would track her down! He was never physically abusive to me like that,( I warned him early in the relationship that if he ever lifted a hand to me he had better not go to sleep where I could get to him) but the emotional cuisinart he put me through more than made up for it. I had no idea it was possible to be such a LIAR that one could literally NEVER speak the truth!

    • Thanks Sufiya for sharing that personal story. Liars are particularly destructive, because if you’re not good to your word, then what are you good for…who will believe you. For me “The Sociopath Next Door,” and Dr. Phil’s “Life Code” are two very revealing books. At one time or another we all come in contact with these types and keeping off their target is the best we can do. The rest of it I leave to a higher power and that usually takes pretty good care of them, whether they realize it or not. Because we aren’t the only ones they are lying to. They are also lying to themselves, hence the inability to see guidance or effect a solution to their problem(s).

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