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Best Dressed of the week 10-24-2013

I love doing a lot of fashion particularly when it’s on real people on the real streets, and not some show thing that is just done for the jaded eye of fashion editors!

Some of it’s meh, but some of it is wonderful – but it’s all so pretty!!!

I’m not sure this gal knows how to wear a bad outfit.  One this is for certain, she understands what it’s like to wear something appropriate when she’s out.  And that looks like it’s fun – one bll gown after another, one designer outfit after another, but it’s a chore after a while.  I’m sure she just hankers to put on her grubbies and take a walk through the street, but she can’t do that any longer!

So here she is in something that matches perfectly with the baby’s CG (and for all you CG fans, this is a copy of the gown that Queen Victoria, but the original was too fragile).  The Duchess knows this so well she doesn’t mess with fantasy outfits or things that might be a little weird.  If they are new and fresh that’s one thing, but she doesn’t try to do anything that isn’t TNT especially for this event (or major events).  I have to wonder if she hasn’t done more for the beautifying of fashion, as much as Jason Wu has for Michele Obama.    I like that the Duchess takes effort in her dressing and that she’s trying to update the Royal image, but not throw it out with the trash.  Sometimes her deceased mother-in-law would not really now her own self well enough to choose the right thing to wear.

Isn’t this pretty?….Chrstian Dior by Raf Simons (who was so unceremoniously booted from Jill Sander, and the namesake brought back to design and now she’s leaving….whew!!!  musical chairs with designers!!!)  But homage to the sheer/see-thru trend, with a nude or disappearing lining, but still covering the subject.  It’s just plain ole pretty!  I like!!!

Well, there’s a lot going on here, and some of it is neat and some of it is a little too weird.

I love booties with black leggings or black hose or something like that….it’s one whole elongated look and it’s hard to make that look back.  But the booties with leg in between is a little weird to me.  But onward – – – I adore this blouse – I want this blouse – it reminds me a lot of the Balenciaga blouse ad seen in the August magazines.  The skirt is kinda neat…the train in back and the raised hem in front – a little dramatic on proportion and that can be tricky, but for a look especially on the red carpet, it’s neat.  I would have loved to have seen this with a great pair of Louboutin pumps, or some neat evening naked shoe.

More see-thru, but isn’t this gorgeous….don’t like the underwear showing, but that’s easily remedied by a nude slip.  And nude slip looks like the thing to own for the next couple of seasons….even better a nude camisole and nude half slip.  For those of a younger persuasion that’s a slip that fits under a skirt that goes from the waist (with elastic) to just above the hem.  But either a full slip or cami and half would be nice to have for this season.

There are lots of other looks on this list, and Miley made it although I have no idea why, unless it’s that the paparazzi is hoping that she pop out of the limo nude and that will generate a whole new howl of degradation.  She’d have to wear a LBD for the rest of her life (an opaque one) for her to get back into something tasteful.

But she is young and as scientists have proved, the last thing that the young grow and develop properly is the judgement part of the brain!!!!  Miley is certainly evidence of that!


Other stars in great outfits were Olivia Spencer, Natalie Portman, Ann Hathaway (she’s going to quickly take over as the Queen of the Red Carpet if she keeps going!), and Sandra Bulluck, so it’s worth a look.



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