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BurdaStyle US

This new version of the BurdaStyle magazine is out.

I think you all know me well enough that I’m pretty opinionated here and if something is awful, I may not come right out and say it, but I will steer you in another direction as I’m not wanting my students to have to go through any more probs or pitfalls than they have to.

It’s my job.  I want to make sure that the passion and fun doesn’t get lost in all the matching notches, fitting seams, and everything else that goes into constructing a garment.

So when a new magazine comes out, I’ll be honest, I’m rather jaded.  A magazine with some new patterns and new projects and cratsy looking things does not impress me.  I may purchase it, but if it’s just the run-of-the mill happy hands from home I’m not really hopping on board that train.

Gang, I couldn’t get all the way through it.  I was stopping and looking at all these great how-to articles and fashion ideas and trend reports, that it was hard just to whip through this issue.  There is so much cool and creative and fashionable stuff in this one issue that it was hard to put it down….here’s what I found.


Here’s one of their projects and looks a little weird here, but believe me, it’s really fashionable and great instructions on how to do it.


Here’s a great article that should be put online (and probably will) but for their first issue it’s great to have on how to use the patterns that are included with the magazine.


Here’s a page from some of their fashionable styles with great details (notice the pants hem and seam in front that is slit), the jacket has great lines too (some inset pieces would be fabulous for leather/faux leather inserts. The dress is just – well – it’s just plain pretty and a classic with classic darts and fitting mechanisms.


And look at this – back to the 4 page format of yesteryear!!!!!  The patterns are on four pages which are perforated so you can tear them out.  Now if you’re like me you’re wondering: How am I going to keep this in my notebook for cataloging, because I will be keeping these magazines.


Well, this is my first idea, and probably best…page savers with the 2 A sheets and the 2 B sheets that will all go into a notebook.


The instructions are all the same and the patterns and instruction section is marked by the pink upper right/left pages on the back of the magazine to make it easy to find.

The only thing I saw hinky was there was no overview page, but this has been promised that it will appear in the future.  I’m going to have to work something out for this issue.

But here’s the bonus (yes, there’s more!)

You’re truly is in this first issue.  I felt like this was a huge honor, and even though the spelling is off, to be included with this high quality company is really huge!  Here’s my bit in the magazine – check out p. 13 in your issue.


As you all know I’m not Claire O., but I am ClaireOKC – easy to get confused, but there I am.

Here’s truly one of the best parts.  This magazine was at my local Barnes and Noble and is for sale individually at bookstores and outlets all over the US.  The one issue costs $19.95 (at Barnes and Nobel), but you can get an annual subscription for $19.95 for 4 issues a year.  So that’s what I will do, but if you don’t want to buy or have every issue you can buy them separately – this is huge in my book.  Best of both worlds.


I’m really excited about this magazine and think that having 4 issues a year allows them lead on their deadline to put some really neat info into this magazine.  They’ve started out really well, and it will be another one of my favs that I can’t wait to read and use.

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