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Fashion Trends

I got to thinking about this as I was writing about fashion on some of my Facebook page links, and the question occurred to me that possibly not everyone is as concerned about fashion, particularly if you are a sewist and you don’t have to do the latest trend if you don’t like it.  You can pretty much do anything you want!!!  What I’m talking about here is a sense of keeping up with fashion.  That sort of thing has gone by the wayside more and more, and folks have pretty much adopted their own style.


I understand about keeping up with fashion and how boring that can be and I also understand about how new trends may not be the best for your shape, style or size.

I have had many clients who wanted to wear short skirts or skirts that were shorter and they had big calves or funny knees, and I would just be straight and honest with them that they should wear their skirts at a classic length and never change it.  That sort of thing made following fashion like a zombie a real pain and just nonsensical!

That said, trends and styles can give we sewists new inspiration and ideas and always keep our minds open to creative endeavors that can really be fun to explore.

That’s why I love following the new fashion shows.

But also as I’ve said many times… now is turning away from the androgynous look of grunge and I didn’t so much rail against the androgyny, but it was just the lack of any thing well-groomed.  The Hippies and Mary Quant of the 70’s were androgynous and I loved that stuff – it had style and a line and cut, but Grunge was just like a mish-mash of clothing that was only to revolt against the opulence of the 80’s.  OK, so now fashion is turning into something more deliberate, premeditated.  There’s thought, care and intention in looking a certain way – a way that has effort, grace and style to it.  THAT’S what I like about the trends of today.

And had I not been watching the trends, never would have seen this.  Oh, eventually, but it would have taken a while.  See the dresses above?  They all have thought to them:  something matches or purposefully is put together.  They all have a different profile than what we’ve seen before.


It keeps me fresh and always looking for something to be inspired by.  I’ve been around enough that I’ve gone through enough trends that the old adage: what’s old is new again, works pretty well for me.  But each time a new trend comes around, there’s always a little different take on the  modern version.  That’s what I love studying and watching….sort of the different take Karl has taken with Coco;  the different take YSL had on Joan Crawford’s shoulder pads; and the different take that John Galliano started a direction away from Grunge with his new take on peasant looks.  All of these were rehashing and reworking old trends to make the fresh again.

This is why I love fashion trends!!!!




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