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This is a fit?

I promise I’m not piling on – I promise, and that’s why I’m not showing the face here of this very famous fashion person.  But……myster1

that said, you wonder why we have bad ideas or concepts or modeling of how clothes are supposed to fit, and you look at these pants on this gall, and here’s a great reason.  Folks this gal is thin beyond measure, but she’s not wearing well-fitted pants, and 1.) she can afford them and 2.) that makes it even worse!

These are the folks who are in charge of telling how clothes should fit, and if they fit like this, then how are we supposed to know what’s good, proper or for that matter what we like.

It’s like we’re all pre-programed to think that our clothes should be so tight that cause wrinkling – that is NOT a good fit.  It never has been and I don’t care how many pants you buy or where you buy them or how many you try on and you have just a slight variation from the standard sizing (that includes just about all of us), they’ll wrinkle.  And when they do, with this (above) as your reference, you’ll think they fit.

This isn’t a good fit.  It’s too tight.  It’s a look for that moment and the successive pictures were not that flattering at all.

Here’s the kicker – men don’t put up with this mess, and their pants fit (I’m talking about the model of the pant) well.  They don’t wrinkle or are warped or stretched to the Nth degree – they fit.

Granted it’s hard to see this when you are making up pants, but realize that the picture at the top is not only not a good fit, for almost 90% of the public it’s not a good look and it shouldn’t be something you’re aiming for.

Now, this is as much a habit as it is engrained into our psyche, so you will have to purposely look for this when you are fitting your pants.  And there’s help coming.  Pleated pants are returning – it will take a while to get here, but they are coming back.  I know I can hear it now:  “Claire I will NEVER wear anything like that – it’s way too baggy!”  Well, that may be, but they’re coming back and that’s nice cause if your pants hang right, then they are ultra-fabulous.

Might as well get your pants to fit right now, cause even though the stretch-till-your-face-turns-blue pants are on their way out!!!!


  1. I swear, you read my mind sometimes, Claire. FWiW, Sandra Betzina has the best description of good fit I have seen anywhere. It’s in her Power Sewing book. That information should be given to every newbie sewist before they are allowed to cut one thread of fabric. With the clothing I am making my grandchilden I am trying to teach them about quality and fit. My girls seem to have gotten it. Thanks for this post.

  2. Erm, I’m an intermediate sewist and agree with your points but have a question about the man’s trousers….

    There’s a visible dip between the side/hips and the centre front on his waistband…I thought waistbands were supposed to appear level and this one doesn’t. Is this a different indicator of a fitting issue?

    • Katrina – good observations, and here’s the deal – this is a variation on the pant waistband. After you make your first pair and get them honed so they fit you, then you will want to start making variations, and this could be a possible variation for you. Others would be hip type pants, pants w/o waist bands, pants with high waist bands, different pocket variations, different leg variations, and suddenly before you know it you have a whole wardrobe of pants just from your originally pant pattern that fits well!

      I guess my main beef here is that men are encouraged to wear well-fitting pants where as women are encouraged to wear pants that have too many wrinkles, don’t look nice and generally are not made well. Here‘s an example, and if anyone could use a nice looking pair of pants, this guy could.

  3. I’m going to beg to differ here. What Kate is wearing is a modern look that has evolved with the evolution of stretch fabrics. I agree most people do NOT look good with this “fit”. But that doesn’t mean everyone looks hideous. Its a look that I quite like on slim long legged figures.

    • Vicki – You’re right about a more “modern” style, but I think what bothers me is when my students come into class to learn how to on woven fabric, that they expect it to fit like this, mostly because this is all they have known and all they have ever seen. While men have been having reasonably fit pants, women have been encouraged to wear pants that look literally two sizes too small for them, and as a result it’s been abused, hence the massive input of photographs to People of Walmart where the custom has been more than abused. It’s been turned into visual pollution!!! I’m trying to be funny, but it’s really not funny. Whereas if women were modeled or shown how to wear woven as well as stretch fabrics, there would be more of a choice and less visual pollution! This female model looks splendid in this look and there’s no denying that, but she is one of 1,000 that does, and the other 999 do not. Some know it, and some don’t. So that by the time they come to class, most students are so confused about what a good fitting pair of pants should look like that when I ask questions like “Where’s your waist?” or “Does that feel comfortable around your hips?….your inseam?” they really do not know how to answer those questions, and that’s what I was saying more than anything else. Thanks for your comment and love to have another opinion about these things!!! Helps me be a better teacher! 😉

  4. Thanks Claire. It is only a select few who can get away with it.

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