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Caution: Claire’s on one of her soapboxes again….so there’s lots of screaming in the blog so turn down the volume on your computer!!!!! 😉


Meet Sarah……..

Sarah is a lovely lady who has been on an experiment (click on the photo to read her blog this morning)…..she gave up RTW (ready-to-wear) for a year to start sewing her own clothes.  According to her:

If you can read a recipe

you can read a pattern.

If you can drive a car

you can operate a sewing machine.

If you can shop

you can


And she’s hard core proof of it.  But she’s also proof of something else.  After she started sewing her own clothes, she stopped buying.  Yeah, you’d think after she did a year of sewing all those clothes for herself that she would be glad to go back to buying stuff cause it’s a lot easier, less time, cheaper,  yada, yada, yada.

Why is it that we fall into that trap.  The illusion of going down to the mall (good grief, the major mall in my town is less that 1/2 mile from my home), and picking something off the rack and trying it on and having it fit and walk out is sooooooo addictive.

And the truth is when was it that this last happened to you?…huh?….when was it you were able to find a parking spot in front of the store door, go in and immediately find what you want (without having to search for help), trek into the dressing room without waiting and try it on the one size you’ve picked and it fit beautifully, price was excellent, and paid for it (without having to search for someone to give your money to) and left the store?   WHEN……NEVER!!!  Shopping just doesn’t work like this.

  • There’s rarely a parking space in front,
  • You rarely find exactly or even close to what you’re looking for fast, and asking for help from a clerk is like getting water in the Sahara Desert,
  • Once you go through the rat’s maze of find something that will work, picking out a size working the daily cryptogram,
  • Trying it on is always fun as we all know – too small here, too big here, too something else everywhere else on your body,

So that doesn’t work, so onto the second store, the third store, the fifth store, the 80th store and on and on.   So this folly of thinking that all you have to do is walk in the store and flip something off the rack and try it on and buy it, and just plain……F-O-L-L-Y!


It’s a dream, folks!

It doesn’t exist!

History proves this is right!

This is an intervention on your life…..start sewing so at the very least, you can learn how to tell well-made clothes from bad – you can tell well-fitting clothes from badly fitting ones.

What I think I love most about Sarah’s blog is that this is a gal with a gob of style and she can shop just about anywhere.  But she CHOSE to start sewing for herself, not for any other reason other than she wanted some style in her life.  I relate, cause this is EXACTLY the reason I started sewing.  I really didn’t have a major figure problem (OK, my hips are a little big), but what I did notice is that unless I traveled to the shows in London, Milan, Paris, New York and Tokyo, I couldn’t even buy the clothes I saw and wanted.  What a bummer…….but…….if I knew how to sew……the whole dang world was open to me.  Additionally, I could take some design I saw and I could modify for me, or take the part I liked and make it for me.  Wow, what power!!!!  I went sewing power mad, and have been needing institutionalization every since (for 40+ years!!!!).  But I’ve discovered there is no 12-step program for sewing power addiction, so I just go with it!!!!


Enjoy reading Sarah’s blog this morning.  She transformed this dress beautifully.


  1. Ooh, I have the pattern for that DKNY dress! Now I have a great visual of what it looks like made up. Inspiring!

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words, Claire. I love your website and look forward to following it!

    • My pleasure – it’s a treat to find a fellow sewing stylista!!! 😉

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