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Some Royals Worth Noting

The thing about royals (and folks in government period) is that they have to be stylish (you don’t want them looking like they aren’t up on all the latest in news and developments) and yet they can’t look too avant-guarde or else they’re a little weird.  So there’s a happy medium they have to strike.  Additionally, they can and do hire the most professional folks to help them with this delicate balance, and so there’s no reason we can’t learn a lot from them.  You know how much I love to examine Camilla and Dame Dench, well folks in government can provide just as much info.

So here goes:

And you can’t start this without a good shot of Kate, who doesn’t seem to know a bad look….good color red (on the blue side of the color wheel because she has more peaches ‘n cream coloring), dark hose (more on that later), classic shoes that make her look like boots (another fav for the season) and the great belt a little above waist – A+ in my book!

Princess Victoria – I’m not much on these boot thingies with pretty dresses.  I know they are everywhere, but still not into the proportion of it all.  To get over that, black opaque hose do the trick beautifully.  Now this bootie things look great with pants, but if you want to wear a pretty dress (and not take away from it) dark/black opaque hose do the trick (and they are warm!)

This is Queen Maxima at a benefit with probably a huge donor (Rachael Hazes), but it’s the donor’s dress I love….lace is hot and this is so good  – a little low in front, but love the mix of lace in the dress.

And then sometimes we can learn a lot just by looking carefully.  Now how many times have you made something up and thought (looking at both dresses here), there are too many wrinkles….where are they coming from?….what do I do to make them go away?….all wrinkles are bad, I’ve failed and suddenly before you know it, cats and dogs are sleeping together and the whole world is coming to an end!!!!  We always seem to go from one problem to disaster in lickety-split time!  But look at these dresses, and remember these women are dressing to represent stability, responsibility and trying to be timeless (as the photos will last forever).  So why would they not be railing against their wrinkles.  Why are you railing against yours when most notable and professionally dressed folks aren’t?   My point is that be a little easier on yourself and don’t think ALL wrinkles are bad, they aren’t.

The other thing I love about this picture is the nude shoes.  I love nude pumps (and think they should be a standard in your wardrobe) because when you want a no-shoe look, they are perfect.  The bow however, is a different story!

Uh….yeah!!!!  There is very little wrong here.  Love the top, she’s got the figure to carry off the white bottom (the most projecting of all colors, and you have an pear figure – this is NOT your look), but that top is, and of course the no-shoe color – another classic pump.

For those of you with embroidery machines wanting to do a little ornamentation on your dresses, jackets, blouses, here’s the inspiration for that.  You can just pick up one of these:  the cuffs, belt, hem, section of garment, neckline, and they don’t have to be this elaborate, but this can be a killer look on a dress, blouse, top or tunic for the holidays.

For the final shot, this coat worn my Queen Mathilde is nice and it’s a look (notice how it matches going around and buttons at just below the bust line and only to above the waist which allows it to open and yet be nipped in at the sides (notice the silhouette under the arm and the nipped in fit – this is one of my favorite and staple looks and fit right now).

But that’s not what I love about this and not why I picked this….it’s those guards uniforms/costumes….they are so killer gorgeous.  The gold and black with a punch of red.  Lots to take away here – love the majority of the two contrasting colors with a third as just a “punch”.  And love all the majesty of the griffon type design.

For design inspiration you can’t beat the royals.



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