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The Longer Skirt

From the other day, the idea of wearing longer skirts brought up some interesting subjects.

Of course the first thing to consider on a longer skirt is proportion, and this is key when you’re talking about this longer skirt.  The classic length of the skirt should be at that indentation right under the knee just before the calf gets larger.

The one on the right is a little short and ONLY if you have excellent knees, or you’re wearing over the knee boots or opaque stockings, and I really don’t recommend over-the-knee boots for work, they’re a little too biker-girl (unless you work in an art studio!!!)

But what about that longer length.  You have to take into consideration the proportion of everything – head height & width, shoulder width, bust height and width,  waist height and width, hips height and width, femur length, leg width, knee height, calf length,  calf width and ankle width.

The best way to do this is through a croquis.  Subscribers, go to the September Newsletter in the Member Library (click here), and there are instructions on how to make your own croquis.  After you do that, then print out a couple of copies, and draw in the skirt lengths you are looking at doing….like this:


Here are some lengths from my croquis.  Yikes some of these look pretty terrible (yikes on B, D, & C) But look at the difference between C & F – it’s like night and day, and even E is looking pretty good.  What I found out here is that a little “flip” or fullness at the hem really ads something for my look.  (It just so happens I have a couple of long skirts just like this in my closet – I’m tricky that way!!!!)

This is exactly the sort of thing that works beautifully for figuring out your figure proportions, and don’t think that designers don’t use this – they do – every day.

Another feature I’ve noticed that’s fun to use in a long skirt is a slit:

From a slide show of what’s hot, here’s the skirt (on the far left) that slit high.  Well, that’s probably too high for us, but there’s NOTHING wrong with having this slit a little lower (like just above the knee) and on a long skirt this works beautifully

Remember designers are wanting to make a point on the runway, so they are always going to over-exaggerate the look.  You can have the same look (a  lot more modified without having to wait for it to be stocked at the local cheap fashion store), right now.

Hopefully this will make you think a little about longer skirts and try one for this winter.  Whether a little more fitted (remember fitted is not skin-tight) and very tailored for that very up-to-date professional look (I can just see an attorney walking into court with a longer skirt and jacket and every one staring for all the right reasons, including the judge), or just out on the town partying in your new look, with a great slit in the skirt, this style is something that’s classic and can go for a long time!



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