The Savvy Sage of Sewing Stimulation

The Sewing Machine…..

is pretty amazing when you think about it.  Think about trying to mimic the hand sewing process:

  • stick threaded needle in with one hand,
  • reach under fabric,
  • pull it out,
  • stick it in under fabric
  • reach around top of fabric
  • pull it out again.

That’s a really hard process to do with a machine (unless it’s a robot).  So the inventor of the sewing machine had to invent a whole new way of sewing, and Elias Howe (the inventor of the needle eye at the point and the two-thread source), had to come up with something that a machine could actually do.  It was Issac Singer who created the first sewing machine, but had to pay Howe royalties for the process.


The point is that a whole new process had to be invented in order to create a machine that could do it….and when I think about how fast my home sewing machine is today – it’s sort of amazing.

In case you’ve forgotten or just need reminding or have never known….here’s a simple vid on how it works:



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