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Vogue’s New Winter Patterns

There are some very interesting patterns here and I thought it would be interesting to spotlight a few of them that are particularly good.

This doesn’t look like much but it’s got some great fitting lines.  If you are busty or need a lot through the bust, this has some great darts to do some excellent fitting.

Additionally, this is just a classic look period!!!  Great lines and with a little tweaking can look good on any figure.

If you have no waist, just make this fit as well as possible around the waist, by nipping it in, in the area just below the bust and above the waist.  Then wear that ribbon above the waist to accentuate that area.

If you have a waist/hourglass – go for it – this is made for you.

If you are busty, just be careful not to nip in to tightly below the bust and keep that fitting/dart line below the bust point straight to the waist – don’t fit right to the body.

From Badgley Mischka who do wonderful designs for Vogue Patterns.  This obviously isn’t for everyone.  This is a knit fabric, but if you’re looking for a party dress that is drop-dead gorgeous – this is it.  You can even shorten it up a little (I’d like to add a little flip or fullness to the bottom if you do shorten it – just cause it’s more party looking).  There are some things to be careful of – you MUST wear a slip with this unless you live on the treadmill because this will show every bump in a very sensitive area.  But wearing a slip can smooth that out (and some Spanx).  Another sensitive area is the killer back.

This looks killer gorgeous, but the thing is that if this back isn’t anchored well, it can slip all over kingdom come.  I might seriously think about adding an inside waistband (use some grosgrain ribbon and attach to the side seams), but be careful that it isn’t too tight – you don’t want to have the dress suck into a muffin-top look below the waist.  If you need you can sew in the waistband (which must be tight) with a loop (run a string off your serger about 6″ long, cut in half and sew in a loop at the waist on the inside seam.) This will anchor the dress so it doesn’t go slipping off while you’re dancing the night away.

OK – this may look boring, but it’s got a lot of style and Vogue has some very useful and interesting variations on this pattern.  This is my favorite, but you might like some of the others.  The lace variation would be kickin’ for a mother-of-bride outfit.

From Sandra Betzina is this new look, and I love it.  Wear this with leggings and a knit shell and depending upon your jewelry, you’re out for a fabulous evening celebration or at lunch with friends.  I would add a side bust dart, only not in the traditional place.  I’d start it just at the high hip level on the side seam, and angle up to the bust point.  The nice this about this angle is that you can fit the bust AND the waist and get some shape in it.  Then I would close it so that from just above the bust line to the waist line the jacket stays in one place.

Here’s a video I did where I did the same technique on a Lynn Mizono pattern.


And finally here are two quickie patterns that would just look fabulous now and in the winter.  Something to put on under a jacket or layers, or just by itself on a warm-ish winter day.  Again, classic designs that can work anytime and a lot of look for very little time.

View B is my favorite on this pattern, and you could even do some bust alterations if you wanted to on that seam through the bustline.  (If you need some more space, curve it downward (on the lower piece) at the seam line, and upward (on the upper piece) at the seam line.

Don’t discount leggings, they look fabulous with a top like this.  If you are just totally not into anything hugging that much of your legs or showing them at all, consider this pattern from New Look, it’s cut for knits (4-way), and is thin but not so thin that you feel like you’re exposing too much.  Sometimes leggings take a while to get used to, but do experiment with them and covering your fanny/stomach/hips area with a shortish hem – mid-thigh can make for a very fresh/new look.


OK – hope that gives you some holiday ideas!!


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