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I usually try and post over the weekend, but to be honest, the weather here has been frightful (a la “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow) and that just screams…….


So I’ll post something later today, as it has worked out great, with some comments.

But in the meantime the usually Monday morning slide shows are up and some interesting stuff to share.

I know these sites like to give designer names (this particular one didn’t), but that really doesn’t matter to me….this outfit is so dang classic – I don’t care what the designer’s name is.  Although most of us would feel more comfy with the dark on bottom and light on top, this just shows how classic can and is the height of glamor.

This is a little weird, but I like it cause it’s got great lines.  OK the bare leg and hem don’t do anything for me, and if there’s one thing these actresses know how to do it’s pose, and they know how to show off a dress the best (no wonder the designers will allow these stars to wear their designs for free – it’s a win/win for both.)  So with that caveat in mind (they know how to pose, and we would just like to be able to do our daily errands and job in our clothes!), I take a lot of this dress with a grain of salt…..but….

I like the bodice particularly on this…and I like the way the bow is tied.  This is difficult to do cause sometimes the bow takes over, and it’s like where’s the person wearing the dress unless it’s the usual power actresses like Cate Blanchett, Julia Roberts and Meryl Strep (just to name a very few).  Most of us aren’t that way, but we do like a little pizazz in our wardrobe and a shoulder bow in these proportions is a real good model to follow.

Not many of us can wear all white, and this is from a shot in Florida, so the weather down there during the winter is “not normal”!!!  But what we can do is add some winter white to our wardrobe.  Now if you’re on the cool side of the color wheel, be careful, cause animal naturals go warm white while plant naturals go blue white.  For example wools & silks are a warm white and flax, linen, cotton are blue white.  But you can fudge a little and if you get a really good “dyed” animal fiber white, go for it.

I made this coat a number of years ago, and if I had made it in another color, it would have long since been through recycling.  But because it’s white, it still works for me…..

Vogue 2027

Although in truth the shoulders are a little broad and there is NO waistline (which I’m adoring in the fashion right now), this coat still works.  Mostly cause I’m in the south where it’s rarely that cold for long period of time except now ;)!!!  But because it’s made with very lovely wool, it’s lined in heavy silk taffeta, gorgeous heavy pearl buttons, it’s a treasure that I can slip on for formal occasions and be warm.

The point is that white and light colors can be fabulously dramatic during the winter when everyone is wearing dark wintery colors.  Maybe that’s just a heavy-weight knit in a warm cozy turtleneck, or a longer knit jacket or cardi.  No matter, think of white as another wonderful classic color for winter.

These best dressed lists are a font of inspiration and really do go a long way toward opening your eyes to new ideas…stepping out of your norm can sometimes be a real blast and do more to freshen your wardrobe than a whole “new look”!




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  1. That cream skirt is lovely. It’s doing a drapey-fold thing on the side that just screams 1930s! And there’s the coat you’ve been telling me about. It looks warm and gorgeous!

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