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I’m Not Nuts – I Swear!!!

But honestly this has so much style…..

OK – the jacket and the shoes and all is a lot to digest, and even the style of the pants, but that print on the pants – it’s really striking.

Here’s another view and maybe this helps a little.  If these were a straight legged pant, and longer and a more traditional style……

Hmmmm…..I’m thinking I need my croquis…..


After working with about 6 or 7 variations – I finally came up with one I like:


OK – this is looking good, but I need some color to really get an idea about this


I messed around with this for a while, and I really like the sort of spong-y darker lines – Actually I really know that I want them to be strong but sketchy, and I can get that with my pens.  I’ll probably need to get about 1 yard extra fabric to play with the pen application, but I like this idea – a little more playing….and a snow storm is coming it.  Of course I’ll be all prepared with a project and then it will fizzle out!!!

I’m loving the print on these pants


I have these wonderful pens from Tee Juice, and I need to find some linen or something really plain – or I could do a darker fabric and use a bleach pen on it!


  1. It would be better if the pants were longer, as you suggested, with a neutral top. She should get rid of the pink thing around her neck and the horrible bag. If the pants were better she could keep the shoes and maybe the top. One does need to edit.

    • You are so right – actually everything above the pants is a little much for me, but I guess what I loved was the strong design on the pants. I have these pens and have been looking to get inspired about doing something with them, so this will be one of those experimental adventures!

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