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Maternity Wear

This really isn’t my metier, but with two newbies in my family, it’s fun to look at these styles.

Peggy Wilcox

And although this isn’t even close to today’s generation, I think this has so much style it’s just kickin’!  It would be fun to see an update of this today. The 3/4 puff sleeves and the tapered pencil skirt (or leggings), the fit through the shoulders (no poof there) and the fabric, (probably some silk of some sort) really make this work.

And although the length is a little short (just a le-e-e-e-etle longer would be fab) and the black tights help a lot with that, but this jacket – completely total.  A nice nip under the bust makes this have style shape (just enough) and a gob of classic to last for a long time.  I’m wondering if that jacket couldn’t go out after pg-hood!

This is EXACTLY the sort of fit I look for in a lot of my clients’ figures.  They have all lived long successful lives and have partaken in the joys (and sorrows) of life and have the figure to show for it.  They are all wanting to look nice, the the lines on this jacket are perfect for them.  (see how this thing nips in just under the bust, but not so much that it make the bust look gigantic, just enough.  This is a play fit and by that I mean, on your mannequin or on your bod, nip in your muslin or garment just enough to give the nice line of a bust and illusion of a waist even if your figure really doesn’t have one, but not so much that it gives you that Dolly-Parton figure.  For Dolly it’s great.  For the rest of us, probably not.

Although one of my more favorite people, this isn’t my most favorite look.  I know this is popular, but it doesn’t do anything for me.  For me this is no better than spandex two sizes too small stretched out to “fit”.  People – this is NOT a fit!  This is the fast-fashion manufacturers pulling a fast one (or two or hundred million) on the buying public!

And to the current mistress (or is that matriarch now), of style, who can argue with this.  Why this works is that she never wore anything that accentuated or fit closely or stretched like two sizes too small in the area under her baby bump.  This is what makes her look a lot thiner, more classic and

But by far, this has been the winner.  It’s virtually impossible to look small in white, but this gal has hit all the points.  She is massively big (her baby part is) and yet looks very elegant.  One of the things that maternity girls have beaucoup of that the rest of us don’t is a great voluptuousness and I’m all for working it while you got it!

For more on maternity through the ages here‘s a nice slide show.


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  1. Loved the slide show. No one comes near to the class of Kate, however. Just gorgeous!

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