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More details from the Golden Globes

Tom & Lorenzo over on their blog are a hoot, and what’s more I agree with almost everything they say.  They are funny, but really honest about a lot of these things.  Well, OK, there’s some stuff that I don’t agree with – but most of it.

Like them, I’m not fond of the red on the red carpet.  It just gets lost and looks like the carpet dress are one big red blob.  If stars really want to stand out, they should do something in green….


Hmmmm – well, maybe not THAT green…..

But at the same time the red in the dresses does get lost in the carpet.









All of these gals are beautiful, and I loved the Ralph Lauren on Lupita Nyong’o, but her’s especially sort of gets “red-ed out” .  In camera/photography talk, white out is when digital  information is lost when a photo is too light/white.  And no amount of darkening or fidgeting with it will fix it.  The digital information isn’t there – it’s been lost, and you can see that there’s very little clarification, contrast or information in the photography of Nyong’o’s dress.

But that aside, there’s a close up of Tina Fey’s dress that is not to be believed!!!

Do you see it?….the whole print matches.  No wonder we couldn’t see this detail in the whole picture – no wonder we couldn’t see those gorgeous seams (and by the way, don’t think there isn’t a lot of fitting going on here cause there is.  There are 4 seams just in front, with two of them crossing over into other seams.  That means that not only do you have to match A & B seam, but when A intersects C, then you have to match A, B AND C.)

That’s phenomenal matching, but that’s what you get in high-end clothing, AND that’s how you can tell it’s the real stuff.    There’s one place where they couldn’t match.  And it’s not a matter of not caring or not paying attention.  It literally can not be matched.  Right under Fey’s right hand her little finger – the hummingbird doesn’t match the flower.  But on the other side it matches.  On all other seams it matches.

I’m so impressed.  And further makes you feel a little better sometimes when you think you have to match EVERYTHING, but can’t.  There are times when you literally can’t, and you have to figure out where’s the most discreet or where it doesn’t show the least.  In this case, Ms. Fey likes to put her right hand on her hip and that’s where they decided not to match (either that or the designer told her that’s where she needed to put her hand on the hip).

And BTW, I love the reverse or negative of the fabric as the inside of the outside skirt.  I think that’s a nice touch.


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