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I didn’t have the guts to do #pfw in the title cause no telling what sort of unmitigated hell that would cause with the database software at WordPress….let’s just not even go there!

But it is still Paris Fashion Week, and Ooooooo-laaaa-laaaa!!

Finally something we can all relate to.  First off the jacket is to die for – the lace is killer beautiful, and if you get access to a lace like this, it would be gorgeous to do this coat. It is not symmetrical, which is OK, but for your first attempt at this, I would make the jacket symmetrical, but loved the way thy used the edging to make that corner. And it’s not all that hard.  Here’s a video of the lace demo I did for the January Spring Preview which has a lace demo at the end.

But I have to also say that the slip on this dress from Alexis Mabille (above) is really fabulous.  And this is a great shot of what a slip dress should look like and way ahead of the curve, after all this is Paris!!!!

And here’s another star of the Paris runways, Dries Van Noten (that’s dreez van no’ton).  Who does this killer gorgeous top for Barneys (click on the photo to go to the link for Barneys to get more views.)  Now, I would modify it a bit, I would put a great belt with this, to cinch in that waist, but if you don’t have one, make one from Ultrasuede or from a gorgeous linen or silk  Wrap them around a 2″ or 3″ belting fabric and fold under at the ends and put a couple of skirt hook & eyes on them and hook it in back.  This is a classic belt and all we’re really looking for here is to give this top a little shape, and this is the fastest and surest way.

This is just plain gorgeous.  Of course the fabric makes it, but here’s the thing – you can easily do this with the same fabric.  What makes this sing is that it’s a tunic.  Tunic’s are so dang versatile and elemental any more.  I did the whole February newsletter on this with gobs of ideas, but this outfit just makes my point in spades.

Now, I think sleeveless is a little much for me, so I would put in 3/4 sleeves and I would wear a little cami or tee under the tunic – I would also like to see a little more shape to it – like a FBA which is what gives that shape we like so much and yet you can still slip it over your head (or if your bust/shoulder area is large, over your hips).

Another killer on the Paris runways is Rochas which has always been a fabulously richly ornamented maison.

Isn’t this just fabulous?  I love this.  To me this is what couture is all about, and this represents the sort of work we can do on one of our classic projects that would last for 10 to 15 years and still be fabulous.  Even just one of the passementerie-type designs would be great on the neckline area of a tunic top.  For a really great look, you can take tiny bias strips of the fabric and work them around in different designs, using this as a guideline, or even just as inspiration.

And as if #pfw wasn’t enough – the Oscars are this weekend!






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