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On Creativity (just as I thought)

I swear – but this is a fabulous video.  It’s got to be ages old, cause John Cleese hasn’t age since his days with Wanda and the Fish.

Like Cleese, I believe that we are all creative and that creativity has very little to do with talent which is a whole other thing – hence I’m not orbiting Mars – so don’t think I’m crazy….yet.  That said, even Freud said that he couldn’t put his finger on creativity, how to explain it, where it came from or for that matter just exactly how to quantify or qualify it.  But at the same time we all know creativity, even in ourselves, when we see it.

How can something be so close and so far away.

Well, in his usual, bewitching way, he describes it perfectly and teaches us all how to get there.




OK, then…visiting later, this video is no longer available, but no fear…here’s the podcast that is an audio of this speech.  Click here to listen to it.  And if you want it written down (it’s THAT good), click here for the transcript!


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  1. Refreshing and enlightening…loved his point about drawing out the moment of making of a decision to give time to explore more/better possibilities.

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