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Red Carpet – Grammys

The Grammys are a little “out there” for me.  That’s OK, these are musicians, and no matter if you’re a fan of ancient, classical or hard-core punk, at any time all music was experimental and musicians always lived/live life one bubble off plumb.

So that said, their garb would most likely reflect the coming trends in arts and that applies to fashion.

I thought it was really kind of fun that most of these musicians, who their “street clothes” would be the antithesis of what they wear on the Red Carpet, are mostly beautifully dressed – here are some of the best.

Taylor Swift in Gucci – classic, great looking – sheer, but tasteful (can I say that about an avant guard musician?….horrors!!!!) What to take away from this:  Classic is.  Classic will always be in.  Classic lasts forever (would you wear this dress in 5 year – would you have worn  it 10 years ago – both answers yes….it’s classic, that’s why!)

Kasey Musgraves in Armani Prive, and although she’s a new artist, simply because it’s sheer doesn’t mean we have to see everything, including the tattoo.  I sometimes think that just because it’s on the runway, that’s exactly how we have to wear it.  It’s not.  In the olden days we called this sort of fashionista a fashion victim.  Nevertheless, this is a divinely delicate dress and that it’s part of Armani’s Prive label means that it’s most likely executed with the most exquisite delicate stitching.  What to take away from this:  Sheer is in, but don’t go nude under it (I don’t need to tell you that – really – do I?  It’s just as chic and dramatic to wear a skin-toned camisole or tee with leggings under your garment as it is to go completely nude – no one really likes it past the first-blush of the shock value anyway.)


No matter what you may think of Beyonce personally, she’s a force to be reckoned with.  Her style is undeniable, and although sheer is a very modern and with-it statement (and if you didn’t believe it was before, believe it now.  This gal, if anything, is the trend-watcher and trend-setter of this time.).  Michael Costello dress.   What can we take away from something this grand:  Simply this:  Lace and sheer is in…..PERIOD!!!

Katy Perry in Valentino Haute Couture –  it’s just totally right on – with the musical print on the front.   And the good news here is that she’s wearing a corset under the sheer and not just sheer.  What’s the style note to take away here:  More sheer, but with a little whimsey.  Your sheers don’t have to be classic – liven them up with a print and let them sing. (no pun!)


So even the Grammys can provide some well-needed winter relief.  The most important thing I took away from the Red Carpet at the Grammys was that the styles were so…..well….simply put:  pretty!

How nice is that from the most forward-acting/thinking group of artists for the Red Carpet season!  Pretty neat!




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