The Savvy Sage of Sewing Stimulation

Extolling the benefits of the Flow

What is Flow?

According to psychologist, it is a state in which your mind is so absorbed that you can’t think about other things.  Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi says that our state of perception is such that our brains can only handle so much input, after that it can’t handle any more.


That means that while I’m sitting here doing my work, it’s not a matter of me consciously not thinking about things outside of the flow (my sewing), it’s more a matter of I can’t;  I’m not capable of it.  My brain isn’t capable of it.

Those of us who create have known this for a long time.  We may have frustrations, but the flow that we involve ourselves in while we are creating is so absorbing that at one minute it’s 30 minutes after we started and the next minute it’s the end of the day!  Click the brain picture above for a very interesting and short article on this.

 For an even more interesting description, you can watch this TED talk (about 18 minutes long, but well worth it).

So let’s review real quick –


  1. Gives you beautiful clothes
  2. Gives you cheaper clothes
  3. Gives you better quality clothes
  4. Gives you clothes quicker
  5. Gives you longer-lasting clothes
  6. Gives you more comfortable clothes
  7. Gives you more clothes that you need, use and want
  8. Gives you greater psychological health!

And the reason you don’t sew more often is……why is that again…..?
















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  1. That flow keeps me sane!

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