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Isn’t It Time We Stop Living In The 70’s

I mean I love a great retro fashion just as much as the next gal/guy, but honestly, I think we’ve moved past some stereotypes here, and yet, there are some who don’t want to move on.


Last night watching the telly (sometimes I like to travel with my mind!), I was viewing the latest episode of Cox Cable’s ad with the annoying neighbor.  Apparently he has new neighbors (to annoy) and describes them to his family as being backward because they have no cable (the connotation in case you didn’t get it is that cable is being modern and at the least current).  And part of the clincher that made them so backward was….


you guessed it….

a worn-out passe view…..

the mother SEWED!!!!

I nearly croaked.  I mean if we can’t use the descriptive word bossy anymore, and can’t call fishermen, fishermen – then why is it acceptable to generally label creative, industrious, fashionable people who may not want to be, but are by their very acts socially  saving resources (time and money and materials) as a scourge from the past!

I mean really – aren’t we over this…..


When in reality this is the shopper vs sewist of today:

2010sIn reality the sewists of today create savvy sharp styles that fit and are individualized to their style and shape and size.  These clothes show off their assets and hide their faults to the point that we sometimes think these sewists have no faults in their figure!!!!

It’s so tiring seeing the same look (only in different colors and combinations) of the too-tight jeans/pants with the too-tight top with the too-small jacket.  Everything is misfitting, and just like the Emperor’s New Clothes, these fashion victims 1.) don’t know they are woefully dressed and 2.) think that they are sporting the latest style and walk out proudly in their new mismatched outfit du jour, only to look exactly like the emperor in his new clothes!

Honestly  – how blind do we have to get before we see not only what fools we are, but how we are literally being dupped by false seduction that more is better, or anything you can get on fits (causes it stretches and is supposed to be skin tight), or cheap is cheap when it’s really more expensive (cause you have to buy more, spend more time shopping than if you have fewer quality garments).

But even after exposure of horrible working conditions; even after knowing all his information; even after knowing sometimes how horrible the look; and even seeing the horrible garments in their closet they continue to buy more of the emperor’s new clothes thinking that the next outfit will work.

It’s like a drug.  I suppose part of my problem is that I was so infuriated, frustrated and fed-up with what I had to choose from, that my option of choice was to create what I wanted.  But I really wasn’t alone.  In a city, that shouldn’t economically support a local designer of formal wear, I started my business and succeeded for 30+ years.  My clients wanted the same thing.

But they felt they couldn’t learn to sew:
“Well, every time I start the machine it explodes!”

Or they felt it was passe to learn:
“Well, it’s just out of fashion to learn to create!”

Or they felt it was time-consuming:
“I just don’t have the time to sew, whereas I have two or three days to go shopping to find that one item I need for my closet!”


I don’t get it.  This drug must be worse than nicotine or cocaine to kick, and aren’t the cheap/fast fashion moguls thrilled!!!  I guess we just love giving our money and time away to fleeting products.



  1. You are SO SPOT ON! There’s STILL that stigma of “loving hands at home”: baggy, droopy, doesn’t fit properly…when it’s the other way around: it’s the clothes that you BUY that don’t fit properly, baggy, droopy, too tight, poor quality etc etc etc!

  2. If only the Madison Ave. types could see the amazing things happening with sewists today. They are clearly still “Mad Men” and don’t have a clue. Ugh…..

  3. Thank you for this post! I agree in every point! M

  4. It’s not a drug, it’s a disease/addiction called materialism and it is destroying everyone and everything.

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