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Timing Is Everything

If you’re a comedian or actor that’s understandable.  But for the rest of us, that may seem a bit out of the ordinary and really not applicable.

Not so fast there.  Time and knowledge are probably the most valuable assets we posses.  And it’s our ability to use both wisely and judiciously that can make us the happiest.

timingThe truth is that if we don’t schedule our projects or the activities we like into our lives, then things really get out of whack.  (Click the link above for a nice blog on this subject).

I’m sure you all think that I have gobs and gobs of time to sew.  But you would be surprised.  I also teach classes, which requires preparation that is not sewing (mostly working on handouts, development and organizing curriculum and the outline if not progression of the class lessons), writing up the newsletter, and the other periodicals that go with that as well as the vids and downloads.  Plus, I still sew for a lot of my favorite clients.  So yes I sew, but mostly for classes or my clients.  I don’t consider that “my” sewing.

What I have to do is schedule it in as if I were working another kind of job – say in an office.  What I would do is come home, fix and evening meal or at least some activity to separate me from my office/work and my home/relaxing/leisure time.  And then I would start working on my projects.

The Passage of Time by Salvidor Dali

So I do the same for myself, even though I may be doing other work during the day, in the evening or weekends, I schedule time to sew for myself.  I separate my day work, and schedule in my work that I want to do for myself.  This is the only way I get things done.

In my recent guest interviews with Sarah Gunn, Carolyn Norman, and Kay Young, all these ladies do the same thing.  They all sew all if not most of their clothes and yet they have jobs and other activities outside their home.  Truly it’s amazing and if you’re standing on the outside looking in you wonder how in the world they do it.

To be honest.  I wonder that.  But here’s the funny thing.  I do the same thing too.  Although it may look hard (and sometimes impossible), it’s really not.  If you’re looking from the outside to the inside, don’t be put off or intimidated by these ladies.  This isn’t brain science or rocket surgery (ha!).  This is just sitting down and scheduling it and doing it.

It’s all about scheduling your time.  How do we get the most out of it. We start by scheduling in what we want to do.  When you invest in the subscription to my newsletter, one of the many free gifts you get is a time management chart.  The reason I do this, is so that you will get started well when you start your subscription.  I don’t just throw a bunch of information at you without knowing how to use it –   I want you to be prepared.

timeThrowing a bunch of information at you without having it organized or at the very least helping you set up the structure where you can enjoy and use it, is almost worthless information.

That’s what I’ve found from those people who achieve a lot – like build big huge companies.  These people are highly organized and have mastered the fine art of time management.  That’s how I developed this chart.  One summer I contracted for 13 ball gowns – in 3 months.  There was no way in heaven I would have achieved that without time management.  I look back at that today and wonder how I did it, but I had time management on my side.  And I know that if I had a huge time commitment like that again, I know how to tackle it – with my time management chart.

When you think of your schedule and all the tasks you have to accomplish, you have to admit that you have good time management skills.  But like me looking from the outside to my interviewees, and in amazement wondering how they do it all,  I’m doing the exact same thing.  What a chart or a document does is put it in black and white and makes it concrete in our minds.  It makes it real for us.

This is how these sewing proffessionals are able to accomplish so much.

This is how I was able to finish 13 ball gowns in 3 months.  (I did contract out part of the work, but I did the fittings and most of the hand work myself).

This is how you can schedule in major wardrobe items like suits, coats, and even whole ensembles into your schedule.

Don’t let too much time pass, and as they used to say in the old days – stop and smell the flowers.  It’s not only what we do that matters, but also the information we learn.  For me, this is what keeps me young.



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