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Moulage and the Drape

Sounds like a mystery novel about a new Latin sexy dance story!!!  Whatever – it does roll off the tongue nicely.  But this is a GREAT vid from the house of Dior show how to drape.

I always think these things are worthwhile if for no other reason than just an inside look into the beautiful, detailed, skillful techniques that go on inside a well-constructed garment.  Remember this is haute couture, which has to meet the strict requirements of the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Paris  (that’s “Chamber of Commerce and Industry of France) – IOW it’s regulated as to who can call their clothes “haute couture” and who can’t – or at least in France.  Those French laws don’t extend past the boundaries of France, but technically they should.

The trouble is that you’ve got this VERY high-end sewing available for the market (OK, it’s not ever going to be the general market – EVER!) and then you have the cheap/fast fashion junk available for most of the rest of the market (about 99% of the market)……

….unless you sew.  Then you have a well-made garment as well as one that fits your body, your shape and your lifestyle.

OK – I digress…here’s the video – it’s great fun!


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  1. I love that video….so inspiring. I love draping. It allows one the ability to create anything! It has saved me so many times for client garments….especially wedding gowns!

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