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Summer Dresses

You know me – I love fashion, and I love beautiful fashion even more – so here’s some summertime eye candy.

What’s prettier than a beautiful full-skirted summer dress.  And the pleating at the waist – acting as little mini darts equally spaced all the way around – adds even a neater couture touch.  I love details like this that don’t jump out at you, but when you try and think about how to accomplish this dress, you grow more in awe of it.  See that’s just the sort of thing that we sewists appreciate about this dress that the normal consumer wouldn’t even see.

This is a pulled-thread look, although you can get this same look without pulling one thread (if you have that winged needle for your machine, you can get a lot of this look without pulling threads).  You can also get fabric like this in beautiful light-weight linens or cottons that make up a gorgeous dress.  It’s fun to see the detail in this dress and style they used.

The fitting on this dress has all been done with the design of the pulled-thread look.  Notice how the waist V’s and lines are all tilted at regular intervals as compared to the pulled-thread lines below the hip (where they are parallel).  Another great sign of beautifully-made garment that doesn’t scream couture, but is.  Eyelet or pulled thread like this is so hot now.

And then we have some red carpet fashions

I couldn’t resist this – it’s just so gorgeous and I still have an affinity for these styles as I still love doing my brides and debs!!!


Just so you are properly awed, here’s a close up of that dress.  First thing I notice is that there’s a beautiful, light nude backing/lining in the dress.  Next is the seam binding, albeit it very tiny and small, around the armscye seam, and the next is the overlay of lace.  This is the state of couture lace these days – layers upon layers upon layers adding to the richness and texture of the fabric and the garment.  This one has two or three layers of little applique type overlays with embroidery and beading.  It’s really a gorgeous fabric – but it isn’t matched (notice hos the sleeve pattern doesn’t match the bodice pattern).  No matter, it doesn’t take away too much here cause the dress is so gorgeous.

OK that’s all from the summertime frothy department!!!


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