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Where is fashion going?

Since the first of the year (or at least since the Oscar Red Carpet Fashion Show), there’s been several dominate styles.  Sometimes it’s fun to sit back and take a look at what’s on the street to see how the “normal” folk (if you wanna call them that), are reflecting this style….



SJP never EVER disappoints.  Here looking very lady-like and very approachable.

The first thing to note is proportions on this ensemble – short jacket, short skirt.  I know a lot of folks can’t wear short, but note the proportions.  Also note the fullness of the skirt as compared to how short it is.  Shorter skirts look really fun this short – sort of flippy!

But the major thing here is the eyelet or cut-out embroidery.  I’m sure that this is an elegant fabric that has some fabulous embroidery on it.  The thing is that this look translates beautifully with eyelet.

So think about eyelet for a project this summer.

Although this is eyelet too, I really like how they made this modest – take the same color and put a panel under to keep it with that see-thru look.

This can work well with pants…make a half lining (a technique that is used in many summer men’s wear pants), and line only the upper part, and leave the rest open for coolness.

Also think about lining this in a nude color – I love that look!






A couple of nude looks, and this is a nod to that color which is still hot.  If you want to cover up, nude is the way to go.

But please – no pleats from the bust line – OK just as long as you know this is NOT attractive for the rest of us (unless you are on the way to the hospital to deliver your baby!!)





If you have to do full on top, make it right with proportions.  How?  This is a great example – crop top full, but you show the waist – that becomes the accent in this silhouette, and the length.  Notice how fitted (not tight) and contained the style is around the waist upper hip area.


This is a great take on a sexy, but comfy and proportionally correct longer skirt – with it longer in back.



Honestly, does this woman EVER look bad?  I don’t think so!  Here’s her nod to the nude look (right) and a graceful elegant look on the right with a smashing black waist line – notice how we’re loosing the Alexander McQueen hipster line? – Another trend to watch – the raising of the waistline.

These were all from Vogue’s weekly party round-up, but it’s fun to look at these and take them apart to see what’s relevant in fashion now.  It’s also great for some fabulous inspiration.












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