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Geoffrey Beene

This was a designer who hit his hey-day around the 80’s.  There was a huge push on for ornamentation and splendor, but Beene seem to have his own take on splendor away from the main obvious trend.

It was certainly splendor in its own way, but not what you would normally think.

Beene also had a collection of patterns that were released through Vogue Patterns, and they were fabulous.

This was one of my first and most favorites.  It doesn’t show here but on the tech drawing it’s got fabulous lines:

beene1930The version I made for me was green and purple (unfortunately long gone to the nearly new shop), but it made up beautifully.  That jacket had a lot more line and style to it, cause that whole inset piece had darts and fitting as the seam line hit very close to the bust point.


This doesn’t look like much, but those side panels were kicking.  I did this in a beautiful brown wool tweed – two tweeds – one was more directional than the other and it made a gorgeous contrast, that was subtle and yet fitted very well. I messed with the collar cause I didn’t like that it didn’t come all the way around in front.


This one looks really dorky but isn’t.  I love the lightness of it – it’s unlined and did this in a beautiful linen with contrasting tabs for the button holes and my piping was to die for!


And this was just sheer Beene for me -minimalism and yet just enough to make a gorgeous cut. I did this in a silk dress that I loved – again purple and green!!!

Here‘s a fabulous article on the genius and talent of Geoffrey Beene and maybe we can look forward to an exhibit of some of his more beautiful things!


  1. I made that suit, 1680, and wore it a lot for work. Mine was an olive/brown tweed with amber tweed inserts for the side panels. It is still one of the prettiest things I ever made.

    • I love that you made it in 1680!! 🙂 x

      • I realise that I read it wrong initially, and this must be the pattern number, but it really tickled me 🙂

        • Yeah, I wasn’t as good at sewing in 1680!!!!! 🙂

  2. Bunny – I LOVED that jacket -and still have it today – I think I feel a video coming on – it’s still pertinent and works in my wardrobe today! He was timeless with his designs.

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