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The Answer to Activewear pockets

I HAVE to have pockets in my activewear.  I need them to be in a place that is out of the way but convenient – yeah, I know that’s not even close to the same thing, but there it is – that’s what I want.

And there in lies the problem.  Cause face it – RTW or anything that they could think up wouldn’t work for me.  I’m so flaming opinionated that it’s so to please me, hence my path to sewing – and this is what got me to sewing in the beginning and even today.

Enter the activewear pocket (that needs to be out of the way and convenient at the same time).   For me – biking and hiking are my two fav active activities and both have unusual positions, and no I’m not trying out for Olympic gymnastics (thank heavens – talk about me in those outfits – that’s visual pollution).  I’m talking about positions like when I’m riding the bike and bending over and anything around my waist.


This shows the various places RTW puts the pockets in tops.  Pants is another subject, so just tops for now.  They can vary from around the waist area (that sure doesn’t work #B) around the chest area (convention, but in the way most of the time #A) and in the back (certainly not in the way, but sure not convenient #C).

I also wanted this item to work as a quick place to put things when I trek into the grocery store.  I’m in there to get my stuff and get out and don’t need to schlep around my huge bag to do that, but I want my hands to be free and in addition – it has to be fashionable.

I don’t want too much do I?!!!!

The fanny pack was the rage for years, and it had honorable intentions, but for my biking and such it was in the way in front and not convenient in back, so it didn’t work either.

So I developed this shoulder pack.  The idea is that I have always carried cameras and gear when we’re hiking across my shoulder and this has always been a great place for me to carry stuff.



This is really a great place for me to carry thing, and I can make this as fashionable an functional and that’s speaking my language.

shoulder pack1 And here it is.  On this particular model I used a test piece of suede from Spoonflower (yep, they’re using a new fabric – faux suede) and this is a watercolor of my sweet Siggy!  The tan color is from some Ultrasuede which would also make this up beautifully.

The pattern is included in this month’s Newsletter which includes ideas for patterns, fabric information and ideas on how to make some pretty kickin’ activewear.  This is a trend that is really taking off, and as a sewist, you don’t have to wait for the trend to pick up speed, for the designers and manufacturers to find financial backing and for it to ship and get in the stores.  All you have to do is make up this very trendy look for yourself!





  1. Very nice alternative to the fanny pack! When you have things in it, how do you keep it from sliding around so the pocket is at your side? Or do you let it slide and pull it around when you need to get something out?

    • Gail – mostly it stays in place. I have a suede backing which doesn’t slide much, and basically it doesn’t move. But I have to admit, that I’m not a racer or mountain biker. I have a touring bike and only bike about 14 or so miles at a time, which usually takes about an hour, so I’m not going very fast.

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