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A Series of Three

I’ve had a lot of fun with these, and I’m not finished…I have some more fabric and they do go up fast.  Once you do one, the others go up really fast.

IMG_4638 IMG_5144 IMG_5095







These were a lot of fun, and they let me express my artistic and irreverent side.

More than anything else what they do is reflect the change that activewear is making these days. I go out to dinner and I see activewear inspired clothing at restaurants, on the street, in stores – it’s everywhere.  It’s all a matter of looking at it.

The leggings that were once never seen out of the ballet dancing studio, are now almost a requirement in anyone’s wardrobe (and don’t do anything less than 75% stretch).

The tank that wouldn’t have been seen out of the gym 20 years ago, is now a standard evening top, or shell for under a tunic or sheer shirt (I’m think the lower left version here – although this delicious pattern comes in two lengths – click the pick to find out more info).

And this neat little number is just great to put on over jeans, pants skirt or anything you want.


I’ve been doing these as decorative and out-of-the-norm activewear to just show you how much fun you can have with these.  Don’t be afraid to think outside the box on this.  This is a trend that’s hitting in two areas:  1.) in the activewear market itself, 2.) in the casual market where activewear is being up-scaled into casual, evening and more every-day wear other than just for exercising.   So you can go for both looks.


















  1. Wow. You look great! Your activewear is so much more creative, orginal, flattering than what is on the market.
    I love it!

  2. Wow! I’m in love with your outfits! While we share different choices in color schemes, I love the wild, bold print choices. The bike print is such a cute surprise! I’ve seen the primary colored version (1st photo) in other art, but not used in fabric. Wow. Such an interesting approach you took to placing pieces with the prints. I’m gaga over wild prints. I just finished my Peace Out pants a month or so ago and love them. When I’m skating I adore how people just stare at the print. I giggle and know that their neon-ness is helping me stay safe from cars and the odd distracted walker.

    • OK Gwen – warning – I’m going to point to a site, but it’s been very deadly for me – it sucks up time and is constantly on my wish list for this or that fabric. It’s It’s a fabulous place. You can either print up your own fabric, or choose one of the other designer fabrics, but these designers are all young, cute people that do such fantastic off-the-wall stuff and it’s all a ton of fun. Put in “bicycle” into the search and have fun with what comes up. Usually I will click on a design then at that design page, check out the artist and often they will have series and choose from those series for matched looks. It’s hard to get the color to match from different designers so I like to choose from the same designer.

      I purchase the performance knit, and it’s great for this activewear that I’m doing. It’s just on the border of not having enough stretch, so if you want to grade up a size, that might not be a bad idea. As you know bicyclist like to have a very, very high rise from the top of the inseam to the top of center back, and this is something I like as well. There’s not much lengthwise stretch (probably about 10%), which means that I make my center back seam a little longer than what I would make in a “traditional” 4-way activewear stretch. But other than those caveats, I love this fabric.

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