The Savvy Sage of Sewing Stimulation

Lauren Bacall

From the very first when I had any sort of fashion sense I remember liking this lady.

Sophistication, Savoir faire, style, smoothness and sexy.  And sexy in a very sizzling purposeful and serious sort of way.  IOW, don’t tangle with her, cause you’re liable to get eaten up.

Of course we know now that the famous lowered chin which created that famous “The Look” was from the fact that she was shaking so hard that she needed to look sophisticated and yet sultry, and boy did she do that look justice.

The jacket that was synonymous with that look became an obsession for me and for one of my first designed jackets when I was learning to sew – it was this jacket I choose.  Of course at the time the shoulders were out further than the half back for the Dallas Cowboy football team, but that was the style.


I had a waist comparable to hers and knew this look would be great on me.  The buttons were a little much for the times, but I did the whole look. It was my first designed notched collar as I had to widen the lapel and collar and it was even one of my first peak lapels in a fabric that was a little thicker than what they used in the film but looked just like the check in the suit.  I was so excited.


It turned out like a million bucks, but unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures and it has long ago been donated to the nearly new shop (without the buttons, I put on some plastic wannabes).

But her classy style and demeanor was great on and off screen and I always hold a warm spot in my heart for her inspiration to design my first jacket, complete it and be thrilled with it!


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  1. Love the suit and love that she is carrying a small purse that matches her suit fabric. In the late 60’s I owned a purse kit called “Personalities”. The kit contained interfacing, foam batting, pattern for a purse, and the best thing== a purse frame and an over the shoulder length chain that were removable from the purse bag so that you could put them on a different purse bag for a purse that matched the fabric of a different outfit. I loved it!

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