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What Is Cool?

Yeah, well this is a little eye-candy from another generation:



Everything and I mean EVERYTHING this guy did was cool.  He had to have been pursued by every active female in 500 mile radius and how he stayed married to the lovely Joann is even cooler!!!



Almost like creativity was the mantra of the day – what fun!  OK, some of them were hard to wear if you didn’t sit up straight and just right the girls were all over the place, but still a lot of fun!.



YEAH!!!!!  Every Jr. High and Sr. High had one cool guy who wasn’t afraid to dance!!!



And this took real guts, so none of that putting the phone away or erasing the evidence!



Some wondered if 007 was type casting cause this guy was so cool.




OK – I wasn’t for this guy, or wanted him to be Pres., but you gotta admit the guy had gobs of charm and new young kids in the White House was so totally refreshing (read: kids under Resolute Desk)



The original Catwoman (aka Mrs. Peel)



Duh!!!!  But what I love about this is this velvet spaghetti-strapped gem.  Anyone who has worked with velvet just a little bit knows what a challenge it is, and to have those seams right across the bust point and to be crisp and beautiful – BTW this IS a great fit – it’s not got Lycra/Spandex/Elastane or anything stretchy in it – it’s shaped to her because it fits!!!



And I gotta say he’s pretty dreamy!



Aside from all the co-dependent/enabling issues, it was cool simply because he was so cool.



OK – maybe if Angie Dickinson was just your run-of-the-mill airhead, this wouldn’t be all that great, but she was a looker AND held her own during the filming of the original Ocean’s Eleven with a bunch of pretty high-octane guys who were ruling the entertainment world at the time.  Bravo for Angie!



You know this has so many cool factors, it’s hard to count them.  That suit, the line of those pants, that hair, that hat, that bow tie – just for openers!



This looks fabulously cool, but the part that I like the best, is that it looks like there’s a little horse sh*t on her shoes!!!  The Queen is not afraid to get dirty!!!






I still aspire to this look!




Good Grief!  Who knew he was once this cool!



Yep!  Very, very cool – was there an uncool movie this guy did?….OK, maybe some early ones, but there were so many great ones, The Philadelphia Story, Night and Day, Notorious, An Affair to Remember, To Catch a Thief, Indiscreet, Houseboat, North by Northwest, That Touch of Mink, Charade (just that alone is enough), Father Goose – I mean so many classics.


  1. I enjoyed that very much!

  2. Yeah, that was fun! (Is that 2nd-to-last picture Hemingway?)

    • It is Hemingway indeed – before the success and all the booze!!!

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