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Foucault’s Pendulum

Have you ever seen one of these?  They’re fascinating and thy show the rotation of the Earth.  It would seem that a pendulum swings in the same plane (as in geometry plane) but it doesn’t if allowed to swing freely for a day.  To mark this when this type of pendulum is set up, there are usually markers set up that will knock over as the tip of the pendulum hits them.

Here’s a time lapse:

So what’s so big about this?  Well this is a lot of the way I think of fashion.  It swings back and forth from androgyny to vive la difference; from opulence to ugly; from bohemian to elegance.  And each time the pendulum of fashion swings there’s a little different take on the opposite take of the fashion trend from before.

Here’s what I mean:

from the femininity of the Victorian fashion to the androgyny of the 20’s


From the 20’s back to the femininity of the 50’s


Then from the hour glass of the 50’s to the androgyny of the 60’s/70’s

Then from the androgyny of the 60’s/70’s back to the hour glass of the shoulder pad:

See how this works?

Each hour-glass fashion trend has their own take on the feminine figure – from the Victorian over exaggerated bustle to the exaggerated thin waist of the 50’s to the exaggerated shoulder pads to give a more dramatic comparison to the smaller waist.  At the same time the clean androgynous look of the 20’s is almost parallel to the clean look of the 60’s/70’s and even though the Grunge did a little different take the look was still sex-less.  Each trend has a little different take, but is most clearly in response to the trend before it.  So you can figure almost to a tee what the next trend will be.

If the just passed trend is ugly, ragged, torn, ill-fitting clothes, like

You can pretty much figure that the next phase will be finished, smooth, fitted and beautiful clothes.  We may not know the name of it yet, we may not know the exact look of it yet, but we can have enough info here to get started on the look.

How does that matter?  Well, because we have this heads up, there are somethings that sewists will need to refresh to be ready for this new un-named trend.  Things like finishing edges – no more frayed or ragged edges;  fitting will matter again (Hallelujah!!!!) and you’ll need to hone up those fitting skills;  beautiful fabrics and components will be key, so keep your eye out for beautiful buttons, trims, fabrics with a polished finished look.  By the time the fashion hits, these things will be at a prime cost.  Look at patterns particular ones that fit – they may have been older, but especially if they fit you and looked good on you in the past.  Believe it or not your shape hasn’t changed, even though you dimensions have.


This is a great way to get a heads up on the fashion trend because we sewists don’t have to wait for the fashion to hit the stores, we can take it right off the runway.  This is so empowering and fun!



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