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Sometimes I Just Get Hit With Practicality

There’s no one – I mean NO ONE – who loves extravagant clothing more than me, and I’ve done some pretty wild things in my past to satisfy that extravagant taste and had a lot of fun with it.

But I was always just a little practical.  That’s why  when I see some pretty outrageous designes come walking down the runway from old-name houses, it really bothers me, like this number from Valentino.

So what’s the matter with this, you say?  It does look pretty classic and it is, but the part that bothers me about this is that it is specifically designed for a certain figure type that is representative of about 3% of the total population.  Even with fitting darts and seams, it would destroy the whole concept of the outfit- you have to be practically bust-less to wear this right and have it come off.

Or this one:

This is from Altuzarra S/S 15, and the detail on this is fabulous – the fabric is out of this world wonderful, but aside from tripping all over myself, my chest bone just ain’t that pretty, and I’m not interesting in bending over to hug someone with the girls hanging out all over the place.  It’s always been so much sexier to have a little lace showing, or some curves, but never the whole thing leaving more to the imagination which conjures up way sexier visions than anything that’s really there!

Just about the time I’m ready to give up on designers, something like this comes down the runway:

And I get all excited again…OK the black bra and underwear is a little much, but face it:  at least she’s got on underwear and she’s not nude.  Besides, I’d never wear it or make it this way – I would do a totally nude (opaque) liner for it so that the lace would fall over the nipple, maybe, or maybe not or maybe if you move this or that way you might see it – the fun just never stops, till finally the viewer figures out it’s a lining – not the real body!  What fun!!

The fun thing is that this design would look great on a lot of figures without ruining or messing up the design.  The length might have to be changed, and the degree of fullness might have to be changed, but the basic design is so good, that it can transform beautifully.


And the bottom line – what I love about sewing is that I get to do just exactly what I want – including putting nude pockets in a dress like this if I wanna!!!




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