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What A Difference A Fabric Makes!!!

I’m sitting here listening to a jazz classic “What A Difference A Day Makes” while sewing up a fun project.  One of the most phenomenal things you discover when you sew, is how a fabric makes all the difference in the world.  It’s almost as magical as what happens when you mix blue and yellow to get a completely difference color – – green.

blueandyellowI mean I can see orange from red and yellow, and I can see getting purple from blue and red – but green is totally unexpected.

If you aren’t familiar with what a difference fabrics can make, you’re missing out on a great way to short-cut a lot of your sewing.  I mean, you’ve already fitted the pattern  – making it again in another fabric for a totally different look ain’t that hard.

Here’s what I mean.

fabric3This is the standard take on Jalie 3245.  If you’ll notice it has two views – one like above and another sleeveless, and both are fabulously drafted.  This is a standard take on a raglan activewear pattern, and with just a little more fun and upscale design, it has a great street look not relegated to the gym at all.    This is a fairly easy and understandable fabric matching for this pattern.

But what happens when we change that around a little:


This is a great rayon, and found this fabulous stretch lace to go with it.  The rayon is not stretch so I graded it just a tad to meet the ease standards I like.  This is a night gown that is so comfy and elegant to wear around the house.  This is a totally different function and look of the pattern, but it’s the same pattern.

As if that weren’t enough:


I also found this gorgeous stretch lace and rayon stretch black that has a to die for hand, and made this in the longer version of this style.  It’s great with a kickin’ necklace for a comfy top to go out in the evening, or just as a little dress up top that’s comfy and elegant.

But there’s one more:


I was asked to join a group C.O.C.O. (Compulsive Obsessive Creative Originals!!!!!)  We’re a little on the picky side of our work and play!!!!  So I had to design a top from the t-shirt as my initiation!  This is that top – from Jalie 3245 – I cut out the t-shirt from then front/back pattern pieces from the pattern and then purchased some white cotton stretch lace and cut that out of the sleeves, with a little band of the white t-shirt as the edging.  This is probably my most casual iteration of the Jalie 3245.

Take out an old favorite and think about some fabric alternatives for it, and do up something different with your pattern.  You will frankly be amazed at what a difference the fabric makes.  I continually am and I know this works over and over!




I wear these tops with






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  1. Thanks for this, Clare! Just another reason to fine tune our
    patterns to have ‘tried and true’ favorites!! Of which I have
    a few.

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