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Black Friday

Is so called not because it’s meant to have some sort of dark evilness about all the haranguing of consumers to shop, shop, shop (although you have to wonder sometimes);  it received this name originally cause this is when retailers make the profit for the year:  they go into the black and are out of the red for the year!

But here’s another take on Black Friday – and no one says it better than one of my fashion idols, Suzy Menkes (also don’t miss whatever this lady is wearing).  I don’t always agree with her, but she does have a fabulous take on fashion and I love hearing it because it’s steeped in so much thought and reason – yep, I’m talking about fashion here – bet you thought I was talking about MIT grads!!!!

Enjoy this little ditty and particularly the question at the first.  This is from an interview Fern Mallis did with Suzy Menkes last year, but it’s still pertinent – –


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