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My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys….

….but I got lured away by a Scot this fall!!!!

And when that happens, my wardrobe isn’t far behind.

Mostly I can do just about anything I want, so my wardrobe usually follows my heart.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m still here on Earth and that means I have a budget (for time and money) so I have to pay attention to that, but that still leaves me lots and lots of place to go.

But where?

Here’s a little video that takes you through some of the creative process of how I got inspired by a Scottish-English style, and still kept my Western look that I love so much.

What I did here, was I used three different styles but I used the classic version of all these styles so that no one of them clashes with another.  Now that sounds boring, but because I’m using at least two of them in every look (either classic Audrey & classic Scottish/English or classic Scottish/English & Western) that makes it more interesting than just using one classic style alone.  I didn’t like using three styles with one look, although I could, it’s just that gets a little more dramatic than what I want for everyday.  If I was trekking someplace that I wanted to make a statement, I would very well do that. Most of the time, I’m working in my studio or out running everyday errands.  The point is that looking too dramatic doesn’t fit my needs most days, but some days it does and when it does, I can put together a more dramatic look for those days.


There’s something else to consider here, and that is that the Western equestrian/cowboy jacket got a lot of its style and start from the English 18th century redcoats.  It’s not much of a jump to go from one to the other.

That classic English Riding Jacket/English Red Coat/Western Riding Jacket look is so classic that designers still use the line and style of the jacket as inspiration today, as in the Marchesa example above from the 2014 Fall/Winter show.

So it’s not that much of a leap to go from Scottish/English to Western.  A good classically shaped jacket does transcend time and lasts pretty much forever.  So going from Scottish/English to Western with a little Audrey, works.  Don’t be afraid to work with this.  Keep your looks classic and don’t mix too much at first, and play. You’ll know when it’s right.  Don’t get foolish, but play and have fun with this and don’t be too skeered to try it for yourself.


Better Living thru Better Fitting

  1. Claire all these looks do look fantastic on you.
    These are also my styles lately. I love the leggings and I have been wearing them with different length cardigans/sweaters.(I have been buying my leggings but plan on making some. I do however make my workout leggings 🙂

    • Yeah, Ann – leggings are more and more becoming a staple in a fashionable wardrobe. With either tank top (summer) or turtleneck (winter) it can be the base for almost any look or influence you want to have with your wardrobe. I look upon this black background as a palette that I can paint any look I’m in for that day!

  2. Great looking outfits. Love the long black cardi. Thanks for all the wonderful information.

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