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New Avatar

I love the New Year cause it gives you the excuse to do a lot of new things (like cleaning out the closet and sewing up some new stuff!!!)

So I’m starting out the New Year with fitting in the newsletters, and don’t ask me why but I thought of that ad that DuPont had out about 40 or so years ago…..

We always shortened to Better Living Through Chemistry.

It was a big deal when we were kids…..

So thinking that certainly better fitting and how that naturally would lead to better living and voila:

Better Living Through Better Fitting…..a new avatar.


But this doesn’t look very fitted – does it to you?

How about some shape!


Now that looks fitted!!

As always when you click on the avatar/signature at the bottom it will take you to all my contact info (email, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, yada, yada, yada!), but we are now “fitted” with a new avatar!


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