We are all different.  Hopefully that’s a fairly acceptable and widely acknowledged fact.  As a matter of fact, it’s more often than not considered to be an asset.  Who would want to look like everyone else – like another clone from a robot line?  I sure wouldn’t.

This an article about the multi-cultural beauty market.

But in this morning’s post from Business of Fashion (click the picture above for the article), it talks about the gloriousness of how beauty can be in many complexions, shapes, colors and looks. I sort of marvel at this, because apparently for the RTW industry it’s OK to have different coloring, different shapes of your nose, different coloring of your eyes, different coloring of hair – and it’s all beautiful.  Not only that but it’s encouraged and the market is ready and willing to appeal to all those differences.

But let there be one word about shape or size, and suddenly only one size will do – the size that only considers the body comprised of two things – bones and skin.  Size,for the RTW industry, can not handle any more variables like muscles and fat because those are just too many.

Why is it OK to have multiple colored complexions in the market place, but not multiple sized shapes?

Because it’s too difficult to manufacture and design for that many variables.  So how does the RTW industry solve this?  Easy.  They preach that everyone should be one size, or else you’re out of shape (yeah, I know apparently that even considers bones too – illogical at best, but the RTW is not logical!).  They also profess that not only are you out of shape, don’t expect to be fit.  Why?  Because of two reasons: 1.) If you expect to be fit, then you might (and most probably would), return a garment cause it doesn’t fit; and 2.) If you thought you could be fit, you might go some where else to buy your clothes, but also you might (and this is the horror of the RTW industry), sew for yourself and fit yourself.


It’s in the RTW industry’s best interest to make dang certain that you don’t even consider shopping elsewhere;  that you can not sew and therefore fit yourself – EVER; and that you do not expect much from RTW clothes.  This insures that the industry can deliver the poorest-made garment, at the expense of a whole class of underprivileged people, at the most profit for the industry.


The very idea that sewing is not only a possibility, but a real possibility and can be attained by most people, is something so scary for the RTW industry to consider, much less deal with, that they want to insure that the consumer is not even close to knowing anything about it, or even be aware that it might be the remotest of possibilities.

So according to the industry – it’s OK to have many differences in the shape of your face, eye color, hair color, shape of your ears, shape of your mouth, but don’t you dare go thinking that a different body size or shape is OK – cause that’s not.

Is it me or does this strike you as being just a little illogical?

Better Living thru Better Fitting

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  1. They are in business to make money! Why **anyone** might be surprised that the fashion industry (well, any industry really) does all it can to make us dissatisfied with ourselves is beyond me. If we ordinary human beings are the “wrong” whatever, we should keep on shopping til we achieve “happiness”. We should NOT expect them to make things that fit, much less flatter or even last more than one season. It is not about service & the needs of the customer; it is about consuming and the needs of the business.

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