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Prints with Prints Are Always Hard

Putting print with print is always hard, but we can learn from the experts….take a look at this garment.

First realize that designers often have one or two looks to get the eye of the editors of fashion magazines who will press (publicize) their designs, and if they can make it stand out, by being daring, exposing, strong or otherwise different, then that’s what will get them in an editorial layout which will then get the press to look at them.  So if designers have a choice, they will always send strong looks out on the runway more often than not.

Take a look at the different art elements of this design (If you’re a subscriber to my newsletter – you’ll know that  you use the principles of design to arrange/create the elements of art into a good design – and every good designer knows this).  So anyway we’ve got the elements, color, form, line, shape, space, texture, and value.

Principles of design are rhythm, balance, contrast, proportion, harmony, movement are the most important ones….so first let’s take color – they’ve kept the colors to a minimum here (black, white, red, maroon [another red] and a smidgen of green for a nice contrast/balance to the red).  Too much color and movement, contrast harmony and/or movement and you’ve got a mish-mash, i. e. a big mess.  So they are going to accent one or two parts (principles) very strongly, and keep the others at bay…..they’ve kept color, proportion and movement (the movement is fairly predictable) at least importance, but have used contrast and harmony (or lack of it) really strong, which makes for a good balance.

Another factor here is using a geometric print with a overall abstract print can make for a nice balance in prints.  Two stripes here with one abstract makes for a nice combination.  Another great combination is a tiny print – like a foulard – with one larger dominant one.

I know this is something that most of us wouldn’t wear to the grocery store, but think about it this way….making a tailored shirt (like Simplicity 2339) with the inside collar band, under collar and cuffs in the stripes, and the shirt in the print would be a kickin’ outfit – – and you WOULD wear that to the grocery store!

Or another idea is a dark skirt with a blouse in the abstract print, and a belt in the stripe – also very kickin’ and very professional, responsible and fashionable without orbiting Mars (I like to think that high fashion can be applicable here on Earth too!!!)


BTW –  this is how they showed the Erdem dress on the runway!


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