Why Wear The Same Thing?

I guess this should better be titled: Who Wears The Same Thing?…..because you would be surprised at the list.

For a while (here‘s the latest entry into the foray), fashionistas and bloggers have recognized that some very famous, busy, productive and influential folks wear the same thing every day.  It may not be the same garment, but it is the same look.  In the link above are some stricking examples.  Although they are all men I don’t think this is a sexist phenomenon at all.  For years I’ve seen some pretty savvy designers who have their bodies hip deep in fashion wearing essentially the same look every day.  It is not the same thing, but it’s the same look.

Here are two striking examples.

Donna Karan

















It’s not the same garment but it’s the same look.  Ms. Karan has large hips, so she wears large clunky looks around her bodice and she always is wearing black.  She says she does this so that her clients can shine which is what she’s after.  Smart lady!



Then there’s the classic Eileen Fisher















So this whole business about wearing the same type of clothing day after day isn’t only for men.  Women have been doing it for decades, and men have probably copied this great look from the fashion savvy ladies who have been doing it all along.


But here’s a novel idea from this writer.  That she wanted a professional looking ensemble (more than one outfit) that would reflect her status as well as project her competence and ability.  She choose a professional work uniform type approach.

But here’s the deal on this capsule wardrobe/professional uniform look,  she doesn’t have the trolling factor she once had sitting in front of the closet and choosing what to wear.  She has classic, timeless components that all go with each other.

Look at it this way.  A professional designer who chooses fabrics, styles, coordinates every day for living, wears a capsule wardrobe, why would we think that something like that wouldn’t work for us?  And BTW, most professional good designers design clothes like this.    The fact is that this capsule wardrobe thingie does and would work for we regular crowd as well.

The fact is that for designers and wealthy, busy, professional, productive people – they all wear capsule type wardrobes.  There’s not only no reason this shouldn’t work for us, but the same way that I love taking examples from real life (people who live real lives as fashion and fitting examples), there’s no reason we can’t do the same  with coordinating our own wardrobes just like the professional designers do.

More and more professionals and people in the Know – the people out there making a mark in life – are all hooked on capsule wardrobes.  Not only does it make their life simpler, most of all it enables them to project just the persona (whether that’s in a competitive business environment or on-the-edge creative studio) they want to project.

These people don’t have the time to sit and troll in their closet the way you would fridge full of junk food looking for something healthy for dinner, so they all choose to go another track.  They only keep healthy food in their fridge and they have capsule wardrobes that include garments that project just the ‘tude they want.

I can tell you that for me, I’ve had a capsule professional wardrobe for decades and this wardrobe has seen many changes in my lifestyle through those decades.  It’s still capsule and still serves me beautifully.  To be honest I had sort of lost the feeling of having a junky wardrobe, and since I haven’t had an overstuffed closet for years, it was hard to understand the fascination with the FCF industry retail model.  About 5 years ago, I threw out all my activewear garments (I’d had it with wearing them a couple of times on a hike or such, washing and poof they were gone).  I started making all my own activewear garments – just the way I like them, and discovered all over again the joy of having that capsule wardrobe.  Once again my closet for my professional and activewear clothes is condensed, compact and serves me so beautifully.

It’s hard thinking that less is more.  We are told so many times that it’s not, and after all 2+2+2=6, where as 2+2=4 and 6 is more than 4, so how could math be wrong?  In this case it is when you have 10 or 20 tops that are either on the border of not working or don’t work, but you keep having hope for them.  Throwing them out is not only the best thing you can do for yourself, it’s sartorially so freeing it’s hard to describe.  You will look better; feel better; live easier and certainly choose easier with that focused wardrobe designed to serve YOU!


  1. I have been thinking about this, Claire, so thanks for sharing. I think I can find a basic dress pattern, make 5 or 10 of different colors and wear them with 3 or 4 different jackets to have the professional appearance I want. Fight now, it would just be so much easier to select one dress than to choose a top and pants. My only problem is that the office furniture, over which I have no control, eats my hosiery, so I end up wearing tights, which last longer. I may try to put together a culotte dress, which could be heaven on earth!

  2. Claire, What a wonderful and well said reminder! I better understand why I have orphans instead of outfits in my closet. Now I shall do
    something about that.

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