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Basic Fitting

The 1st & 2nd of June, I’m teaching Basic Fitting – a new class.  This is like the Pants Pattern Class on steroids, as it’s the bodice (close to the face) which is the most important part of the garment.

This is also where the garment hangs from, and if that fit at the top (the neck and shoulders) is wrong, then you’ve not only got problems there, but you really can’t fix anything below cause either it hangs funny (tilts one direction or another), or takes your mind away, even if the rest of the garment fits well.   If the garment starts out wrong on the top, it doesn’t get any better going down..

2015-05-02 003

In class, I’ll personally fit each student and discuss what personal alterations/adjustments to make to your pattern or muslin, as well as how to fashionably shape the garment so that it looks fresh and modern without being too juvenile or too old – both are just as bad!

You have a choice of bringing a pattern and fitting that, or a muslin.  I personally prefer a muslin cause we can put notes all over it  and it gives a better read for the garment.  Here’s the supply list for class and you can reserve your place in class by calling Bernina at 405.840.8911.


See you in class!

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