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Class Schedule Summer, 2015

OK – the new class schedule is up for Summer, 2015.

Two new classes and two old favorites.

Knit sewing is just growing more and more popular but if you don’t know the right techniques or how to match the right patterns to the right fabric, you’re doomed to failure.   And Mannequin, which is one of the most useful tools in your sewing arsenal. But it only works if it fits.  Aside from the $700 high-end mannequin (that when you change shape, you have to order a whole new mannequin), with the mannequin I recommend, it will not only change sizes with you, but mold to your shape and size no matter how odd it may seem.


Two new classes;

Basic Fitting.  I know so many fabulous quilter sewists who love sewing and adore this expression of their talents and artistic creativity.  But they do not sew because they believe that they can be fitted.  I say GARBAGE!!!!  This class will include not only how to fit your particular body, but also suggestions from me as to how to fashion your clothes for the most flattering look for your size, shape and style.   This is what I’ve done for my clients for 40 years, and love doing this for my students. So not only will you get a garment that fits, but take notes on how to design and alter your patterns for your size, shape and style of life!  This will be a fun two-day class.


The other is a one-day class – an old favorite – how to ease 2 miles into 2 inches…..only joking – sorta!!!!  How do you possible get all that fabric into those sleeve heads, and why in the world do you need it anyway – right?  Well, all the mysteries of the sleeve head and all that easing will be solved in this one day class titled:  “The Sleeve Head”  I know – I’m so original!!!  Bring a muslin already cut out (bodice & sleeve) and I will show you how to insert it.  But it’s just as important to know why you need all that easing and where to put it.  Basically if I don’t know why you do something, I’m really reluctant just to do it cause “that’s the way it’s always been done”.  I’m creative that way.  BUT once I know, and see and more importantly feel the difference, then it’s a lot easier to learn some of these more difficult techniques.  But the real truth is that a well crafted sleeve with a great sleeve head is one of the hallmarks of a professional look.  And that’s the bottom line here.


Check out all the classes here, and see you in class!!!





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