Million-Dollar Tastes

What happens when you have tastes that reach far past your purse?

Do you automatically give them up?

Do you sit wistfully at your computer screen wishing for that million-dollar sweepstakes announcer to arrive?

Well, neither one of those is a very good solution – – at least it wasn’t for me.

I was always a take-action sort of gal, but neither did I want to settle for anything less that what I wanted.  You might think that’s a good thing.  But I’m here to tell ya – it makes for a very difficult person to please.  I was always my worst client!

But here’s something I discovered along the way.  Not only could I afford all those beautiful clothes that I couldn’t even think of buying, but I got to have them way better than anything I could have purchased…no matter how much they cost.

That’s what finally obsessed sold me on sewing.

I got to have what I wanted, in the color I wanted, in the style I wanted and in the fit I wanted AND I didn’t have to go shopping.


But here’s the amazing part.  I get all those wonderful outfits that are so fun and without any guilt.  I get as many as I want, which makes it interesting cause I have to keep a good picture of what my style and needs are now so that I’m not out there wandering into fantasy-land with some far-fetched outfit that I’ll wear once and that’s it.


For those of you who think you can’t sew your own clothes and for those of you who think you can’t be fit. It’s not true.  I know cause I’ve fit all shapes and sizes in my company for almost 40 years.

To quote a fellow blogger:

If you can read a recipe, you can read a pattern. If you can drive a car, you can operate a sewing machine. If you can shop, you can SEW.

And it is the truth!  So don’t dismiss out of hand that you automatically can’t do this.  And don’t dismiss that because you tried once or twice, that things haven’t changed or that is a final verdict.  There are many different styles you can sew and many of them are not that difficult and have gobs of style and swagger to them.  You don’t (and shouldn’t) have to make a tailored jacket the first time to find out if you can sew.  There are tons of garments to make before that can serve you very well.

Most of all this process can be very cathartic and freeing.  Being released from the dictates of fashion magazine editors, store buyers, designers and uppity sales clerks and doing exactly what you want.  When you do this, magic things happen, like loving all your clothes, wearing all your clothes.  And then something even more magical happens… don’t need as many clothes.

Pretty soon you are living in this far-away fantasy-land where your closet is filled with clothes you love wearing, look good in and are comfortable, and it’s not busting at the seams – OK no pun – really I promise!!!!  But when your closet isn’t busting, you can actually see all the beautiful clothes in your closet.

So step outside your comfort zone and try sewing a garment or two.  It doesn’t have to be difficult to start, but let that creative monster out and run amok!!!




  1. That is why I sew and I’ve even got Audrey’s dress in my wardrobe.

  2. I can’t sew, but I have access to The REALREAL which is the best consignment shopping I have ever experienced. It is less expensive to purchase high end, high quality, authentic second hand garments than to pay for yarn and material. That does not even take into account the time spent. Of course, there is the satisfaction of making something yourself and improve skills. For those of us who did not learn to sew or have intermediate skills in knitting…the RealReal is the Real Deal

    • This is a fabulous alternative for folks who don’t want to or can’t sew. The problem is that there is less and less of this available as the fast fashion business model is so seductive that even the most stalwart of designers who do not wish to be in this business model, can rarely afford not to. If you go back to clothes in the 70’s and 80’s, that’s about as recent as well-made clothes were made – on any sort of volume that would be feasible for we regular gals! Today, if it isn’t made by a personal seamstress or by yourself or by a high-fashion designer, then getting well-made clothing is getting to be harder and harder. This is initially – well that and the invention of the sewing machine and home patterns – what brought on popular sewing. The need for clothing, style, fashion without having to travel to huge metro areas or paying high dollar for it. Basically it was the fashion that did it for me. I was raised in a rural small town, but had access to fashion magazines and yet I didn’t have access to the stores. The local dress shop was great, but visiting Bergdorf’s or Sak’s Fifth Avenue (back then it was a high-end department store), was out of the question. But I could make it. There were fabric stores – good ones – close and I could purchase the fabric and make my own garments.

      It’s great you have access to a consignment shop that deals in well-made garments!

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