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CFDA, Olsen Twins and more

I affectionately refer to the Olsen Twins as the Addams Family Twins cause they do look like they belong there.

Mostly cause, even when they’re smiling they look sad somehow.  It’s hard to have any sort of realistic view of life when you grow up in front of the camera like they did, and I would hope that they have a happy life outside the camera – it just doesn’t look like it on the expression of their faces

Here they are before the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America – a very prestigious group), on the “red carpet”

Who would have thunk it a short time later they would be winning AND SMILING!!!

Gee – they look positively euphoric!!!

But aside from that, these two have turned their notoriety into a very important and successful design business called “The Row”.  They are to be watched.  Their style is very classic and very elegant.

Their style is obviously for their shape, but the great thing about their style is that it’s so classic and timeless that it can be easily altered and fitted for almost any shape.  I like the waist belts, the long coats which a person can easily use for inspiration for a tunic or summertime over blouse – it doesn’t need to go to the floor, but shows how classic this longer look is.

In the fashion calendar – resort is going on now which means spring ’16 is next.  But for Fall ’15, watch for their clothes and get inspired by these twins.  They do know what they’re doing and having been in business now for a while, they’ve proven that they are serious contenders in the design world.  Their styles can be found on Barney’s New York site or on Neiman Marcus’s site…here’s the classic nature of their style.


And of course that means that in your summer travels you find yourself in a metro area, check out their styles and designs.



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  1. I love their clothes. Bergdorf Goodman is another good site for interesting clothing.

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